Break free

Can you hear my voice? I shall speak of your choice,
Of the bonds you've been given, of unreachable heaven,
Of the freedom you've lost to become nameless ghost,
Of the life you now live, helping prison to thrive.
Can you hear me now? You are one in a row,
Perfect soldier in all but to find own goal,
But to follow your mind which has gone with a wind,
And to find own path, being "I" and not "Us",
Being one in a crowd, stepping your own road
And ignoring comments, that thus safety does end.
One, who wants to break free, one, who wants to be man,
Needs willpower to see - he's a slave now and then,
Moving predefined ways, speaking his usual "nays",
Watching all-common faces, racing other ones’ races.
Never will slavery end, never will prison break
Till you find inner land - and the willpower you seek.
Will you hear me now, being one in a row?
It's your mind who'll break free - and one day that you'll see.