It came finally

Greetings, well-respected soul-thinking chikatels and tsykatels ! Sorry, readers and page-swingers.


- Mister Coordinator, how would you characterize current state of a civilization that is being analyzed by us ?

- Being rather deplorable, Admiral.


- So you are saying “the love”. And what’s a thing is that, exactly? Did anyone ever touch it with his hands? A pure physiology is that so-called love of yours, and nothing more than that!

About pledge of happiness

Pledge of a happy life - is to interweave what is best inside you into everyday life, into daily reactions and deeds.

About a way to wisdom

Knowledge doesn't make man smarter. Age doesn't make him wiser. Religiousness doesn't make him kinder. Clever person understands limitation of his current knowledge.

Not them !

Disaster came – and you were standing apart. This position was convenient for its ambiguity and, as you secretly called it, flexibility. Neither cold nor hot – just as nothing.


Vasily squatted under a doorway canopy, diligently hiding his face from a pouring rain.


– … And there they meet with happiness at last…, – the Story-Teller has finished the narration, closing the book and beholding faces of listeners in a light of evening street fires for a moment.


Once upon a time someone knocked at a door of human’s Soul. A Happiness was standing behind a threshold, having come from unknown edges of the world. A true Happiness always comes unexpectedly.

Here and There

– Hi, There! – joyfully cried Here, embracing his brother. – Where have you been hiding for so long recently? All of us missed you greatly!