Once upon a time, the Fool was travelling by a long journey of life, carrying on his hunched back a backpack which was filled with Nonsense. Somehow in this long venture he met with a Wiseman who was coming in different direction.

The Wiseman saw a worn-out face of the Fool and asked:

– What have you left behind your back, traveler? You bear something so heavy that it has already spoiled all joy of your way.

– I am carrying Nonsense! – the Fool answered him proudly.

– No matter how far you brought it, it won’t bring you happiness, – replied the Wiseman. – Look, there is almost no place left for a piece of wisdom inside your swag. Perhaps it would be wise to leave this burden behind you?

– No way! – answered the Fool. – Under no circumstances I will part away with it!

– But why? – asked the Wiseman, being puzzled with such nonsense. – Have you no desire to become rich with Wisdom?

– With my own eyes I observed how millions of other people were carrying Nonsense on their backs, dragged it, filled their mouths with it – all in attempt to take as much of it as possible with them. And this means that it possesses something unimaginably valuable.

– And what have you imagined of its value? – grinned the Wiseman.

– I will go on carrying and talking Nonsense! – the Fool replied him sharply. – No matter what its final cost will be!