One writer, who was fond of ancient things, had a good friend who has been visiting him from time to time.

Once he decided to pay him a visit and noticed that a writer’s desk was full of old photos, letters, drawings and other personal belongings, all chaotically scattered.

– What a heap of junk have you created here? – a longtime friend playfully asked the writer.

– I rummage in my past, – the writer answered seriously.

– So, how is it going? Have you already managed to find something outstanding?

– Mostly old memories. Some of them are pleasant, and some are very painful.

– And what are you planning to do with them? – asked the writer his friend. – To constantly carry them around with yourself, having filled with them all vital space over time?

– I don’t know exactly yet. Perhaps, I will manage to find a suitable place for them.

The friend remained silent and didn’t start arguing – for we have called him as friend for a reason.

The next morning, overlooking the yard, the writer unexpectedly met once again with his friend, who was this time digging some kind of hole near a house’s wall.

– What is that you are doing here? – the alarmed writer asked him.

– Yesterday you have told me that you are looking for a suitable place for your past. Here, I am creating it for you, – answered the friend, winking.

– What, have you decided to bury someone directly under walls of my home today?

– Today is always a good day to get rid of the fetters of one’s past, – smiled the friend.