I was dreaming for this night,
I was walking in the light,
I was healed in my hope,
Given strength to fight and cope.
I was told then of my way -
But of that I dare not say,
I was told of choice and thus
I have given my oath.
To keep spirit and behold
Ways of life I was then told,
To find kindness in the world
And to help it to uphold.
My oath was small in size,
Hard in deed and never wise:
Hold the faith in the new race,
Move aside from outer pace,
Find the wisdom in the pain,
Drop all thoughts of selfish gain,
Search for light in endless dark,
Keep my silence when all bark,
Keep my faith when all is lost,
Being modest like a ghost,
Being endless like a life,
Sharp in tongue just like swiss knife,
Warm in heart just like the sun,
Young as child having fun,
Wise as hundred years man...
That was part of oath then.
Live to fight my own sins,
Through repentance finding means,
Not for glory, not for gain -
But to end some other's pain,
But to bring the light of hope
And give strength to fight and cope.
I can stop, I can say "nay",
I can move away from way,
But as long as I keep faith
I will never fall from grace.
I have given it - and thus
I must now fulfill oath.
If I will - I cannot see...
All in all, it's up to me.