In search of a world

A fast–fast running. Running from all forces. He must escape – he can do no other.


And so you are reading these lines … an accident? And how many there were at all in your life?

America speaks

– Hello, hullo, ladies and gentlemen, misters and sisters ! We are glad to … Heck, I’m gonna to to think and speak like I am a foreigner with such speed !

An unofficial appeal to the false saviors

You address I today, pseudo-saviors. You address I now, false-rescuers. Word of mine is for you, lying prophets. My word is for you, into temptation of external salvation calling.

An unofficial appeal to the parasites

You address I today, mother Earth exploiting for your greed and avarice. You address I today, juices of human trust sucking endlessly. You address I today, ones consuming yet not giving back.