- Greeting, people! - Angel smiled.

- And who might you be, we wonder? - they muttered.

- I am a son of God, - answered Angel. - I have come to aid you.

Guardian Angel

- Yes? - my snow-white Guardian Angel turned to me and smiled warmly. - Have you called for me?

Nameless One

- Yes, doc? What have you?

- The newcomer. Our guys have picked him up from a doss house.

- Humiliated and offended one, or so to say?


Step. And again. And again. In such minutes every moment becomes the eternity.

Ten steps to scaffold top. Nine. Eight. Seven.


In this most significant for him day Artem Sergeyevich was, as they say, out of sorts.


This particular day of Anton Pavlovich’s life went awry from the start.

New Age Threshold - Part II

V.V.P. : - Pray tell me, Fyodor, how are you?

Fyodor : - The fate has stacked us with glue!

V.V.P. : -  Oh yes, I see … and that’s fine then! Shall we watch events once again?