Warrior of Odin

The loud roar - a furious war-call filled the area and forced to shudder, apparently, even the sky.

You are

You say, that God does not exist. And I tell you, that He exists no more exclusively for you.


Rat-beauty rules over nasty women

Wrath of war

A whistle of a flying shell. Air, dissected by an iron pig. Explosion. Explosion - just behind the next hill.

Missed. Missed again.

Alive. I am alive! Still alive.


-    I am here, - the Voice whispered. – I am with all of you once again.

-    What was that ? Aye ? Who’s here ? – people were disturbed.

For the Patriarch !

Today I have woken up extraordinary early - the sun itself hasn’t had the time to rise on the east.


Salary … such a sweet word!

Sign of the Way

Dirt. Slush. Dampness. Decay’s smell. Water, dripping from a ceiling.

And all diseases will be gone

I stopped. I stopped when have noticed a picture, totally breaking all conceivable and inconceivable laws of human logic. It wasn’t simply strange … it was … somewhat ridiculous … amazing.


The figure in a black as night attire, which has stopped reflecting shadow and absorbing light an uncountable by earth standards number of years ago, punched a chessboard with rage by its dressed i