You are a faithful one, right? Say, a true Christian, strictly carrying out all Church rituals. Greatly, immensely devout person.


If there are only goats all around you, it’s unreasonable to consider yourself an angel

Totally not belonging here proverb

Warrior of Odin

The loud roar - a furious war-call filled the area and forced to shudder, apparently, even the sky.

You are

You say, that God does not exist. And I tell you, that He exists no more exclusively for you.


Rat-beauty rules over nasty women

Wrath of war

A whistle of a flying shell. Air, dissected by an iron pig. Explosion. Explosion - just behind the next hill.

Missed. Missed again.

Alive. I am alive! Still alive.


-    I am here, - the Voice whispered. – I am with all of you once again.

-    What was that ? Aye ? Who’s here ? – people were disturbed.

For the Patriarch !

Today I have woken up extraordinary early - the sun itself hasn’t had the time to rise on the east.


Salary … such a sweet word!

Sign of the Way

Dirt. Slush. Dampness. Decay’s smell. Water, dripping from a ceiling.