And so you are reading these lines… an accident? And how many there were at all in your life?

Here you were born absolutely casually… Your mum somehow accidentally happened to meet your father, and thus they have decided to give birth to a child – too spontaneously and casually, as you might have guessed. Don’t you accidentally remember how all this once began?

You have casually arrived in school, accidentally graduated from the institute… Your life was full of accidents totally ridiculous and even inconceivable and not predictable beforehand at times. Take, for example, this happy – casual? – coincidence when you have met your future girlfriend one early spring morning on the crossroads of two pathways when each of you was slowly moving somewhere by the street. You lost yourself in contemplation of her and practically haven’t noticed how someone has accidentally left a cover of an opened manhole directly in your way… And then she along with other men helped to pull you out of this fetid hole. This was such an unusual acquaintance… Subsequently, it has appeared that both of you worked for several years in different departments of the very same company, yet have never before met each other on a work basis… strange, huh? And then you – well, certainly, accidentally, – started writing her verses, giving flowers and made a marry proposition once.

And once – do you remember? – in a fierce winter day, you have completely quarreled with your parents and was thinking of abandoning your home. Was aimlessly wandering city streets under roofs of buildings, and giant icicle has fallen just a pair of meters before you, haven’t hurt you by some sort of a miracle… another accident? And for how many times did you happen to avoid similar deadly dangers subsequently? One after another – and all totally casually…

And for how many times did you accidentally have in your possession a thing, necessary for others; a remarkable and useful idea came to a mind all of a sudden; you appeared to be exactly in a proper place and in due time? And how many times your acquaintances and friends appeared to be near you so timely? Accidentally you managed to find new worthy and familiar friends… Haven’t you accidentally forgotten all that?

And what about this sky, funny cloudlet-lambs, this sun caressing your skin, this wind pulling out your hair, these snowflakes slowly falling on your tongue… does all this happen exclusively by accidents as well? Let’s take at least these mentioned snowflakes – did you ever see their beauty? With what probability are molecules of water, freezing, capable to constantly create such freakish and surprising forms? And have you had a chance to behold clouds similar to animals or, say, a heart in form? And did it happen that a recently cloudy sky near you suddenly cleared itself from clouds and sunrays started shining through formed gleam – shortly after your inner mood improved before the event? Or do you still consider these entire thing happening casually and accidentally? Or perhaps you still have no knowledge of something vital and most important about this world you live in?

You happened to have stayed in a gloomy condition of spirit for a long time once, were seriously depressed and, as a consequence, absolutely accidentally became ill. Pains of absolutely illogical nature disturbed you – either your heart stars tearing itself apart, or liver begins to moan, or a head decides to start cracking from the inside. Medics diagnosed general nervous over fatigue of an organism and advised to lie in bed for longer periods – but you surely have known that the true reason of the illness lies elsewhere. You started to look through comedy films from boredom one after another – and in a couple of days has sharply gone on the amendment, and in a week was like a newcomer. An accident?

You casually were angry with people – and fell in pools the very next moment. Casually took offense and filled your heart with hate – and almost instantly went ill. Accidentally helped someone – and wonderfully through very different circumstances life aided you in reply…

Accident, accident, accident… how many there were at all in your life? And what is, according to theorists from a science, your life if not a chain of accidental events and circumstances? But in that case… the entire Universe, and this galaxy, and this very planet, and billions living on it… are sort of an accident as well? Or perhaps you still know too little of the world you still live in?

And here and now you accidentally keep reading this casual text. Or… maybe accidents have never existed at all?