Prose: Chosen

About missing princes

One day this will happen.

And all diseases will be gone

I stopped. I stopped when have noticed a picture, totally breaking all conceivable and inconceivable laws of human logic.


“Greeting, people!” Angel smiled.

“And who might you be, we wonder?” they muttered.


You are a faithful one, right? Say, a true Christian, strictly carrying out all Church rituals. Greatly, immensely devout person.


In this most significant for him day Artem Sergeyevich was, as they say, out of sorts.


This particular day of Anton Pavlovich’s life went awry from the start.


Yes, I know – you couldn't call your childhood rather happy. Bright, cloudless, joyful. And do many of us can?


“Stretch! Now push on! Push on! More! Come on, darling, I know that it hurts! Such is our female fate, we all passed through it. Here… I can see his head!

Déjà vu

Kirill was pursued by some ill fate. Or maybe a healthy and kind one.