Chronicles of Mogoth. Part 1. The Called

Many called ones, yet few exiled.

Mogoth, my faithful and fearless servant, together we have been waiting for this moment for uncountable centuries – and it did come at long last. Praised be the name of the Unspeakable One, for we have finally gained an opportunity to interfere with planetary destiny of those who keep calling themselves as humans. For too long our enemies didn’t allow us to approach them in such a scale in which it became possible now. Visible ordered universe is being engaged in battle with chaotic, a battle where outcome will be decided by a free will. And now our possibilities are even. The one whose name cannot be spoken is calling for his servants for this final struggle for human essence. I call for you, Mogoth, my faithful warrior! I call for you for the sake of victory over our enemy and eternal glory of the Unspeakable One!

You will be embodied in their world, Mogoth, embodied like a human – and you will lead them to fulfillment of our plan. You will bring them into a bosom of our own maker – in the name of his eternal fiery glory. And will pull them out from hands of our enemy, force them to accept our way, you will become a guide between our planes and impose our eternal indelible imprinting on their essences – for the sake of our common last victory. And, as our enemies like to speak, – so be it! Come to me, Mogoth! Come forth, my chosen warrior!

* * *

Joy, fiery all-devouring joy overflows my heart, Mogoth! I believe that your first success on their plane is a true sign of our future victory.  Doubt, doubt, doubt – that’s what forces them to finally come to us, Mogoth! Having forced them to doubt, you have managed to touch the basis of their link with our enemy. Force them to doubt, make them time and again rethink of how fair are all deeds made by them under the influence of our foe. Force them to doubt their usefulness, – show them that benefit of one is almost always a harm for another; show how naive, ridiculous and unrealizable their dreams of what our enemy is calling as common welfare! By undermining belief in usefulness of their own actions, you destroy the basis of their link with our enemy.

Show how relative are their ideas of what they are calling as good and evil. Show how they intertwine with each other – and on this basis equate them, thus gradually destroying all borders that were put between. "Everything is relative, all is relative in this world", – that’s how they have to start thinking, Mogoth! Having destroyed this barrier of their consciousness, you will open gates for our prophets to influence them further, and they will finish what you have started.

Force them to believe that so-called Divine justice is non-existent and their planetary life is simply a casual confluence of circumstances. When their entire life is a casual chain of accidents, then each choice they make becomes casual as well. And when their choice becomes casual – they will cease bearing responsibility for it. We need those, who have deprived themselves of all responsibilities, Mogoth, we need their souls! They will become our future Prophets of Permissiveness. Oh sweet fiery hour, how we all await this moment! Act, Mogoth, act in that chosen direction, and may the power of our eternal fiery father be with you!

* * *

You acted reasonably, Mogoth, when has decided to bring doubts of which I have already told you, into what they usually call as "love". Pathetic mortals, believing that reason is their exclusive privilege! Better, incomparably better we are capable to calculate and measure each our step, each our action, leading us to victory. We have waited for many millennia before these biped ones have finally acquired rudiments of this "reason". We have waited for many centuries, trying to alter its essence in some of their most influential representatives. Now our time has come, Mogoth! These fools have bred in such a quantity that they have already begun promoting our victory. Their weak mind, their dissonant system of thinking that is subject to lots of external influences – they will become a pledge of our final triumph. Now we only have to form small groups of these most "reasonable" people having significant effect on others – and all the rest will be made by mass consciousness.

Inconceivable Maker endowed their mind with a trait which is very favorable for us – noncriticality. Repeat, repeat time and again the same thing, Mogoth, no matter how ridiculous it can sound at first sight, – repeat tirelessly. And after a while you will notice how these "humans" started considering what you are telling them as truth. Create more such parrots, Mogoth, – and they will spread your pseudo-truth around. When one thousand of fools is telling the same, even reasonable ones will start to doubt.

And especially disastrous such doubts are for these "friendly" and … brrr! … "love" feelings, with ability to experience which this Maker gifted them. "True love is blind", – they were told once. They didn’t comprehend a true meaning of this statement, Mogoth, they haven’t understood it – and we shall use that to our advantage!

Force them to think of the reason of their feelings to another, make them analyze this. Strange Maker made their minds and hearts so contradictory by their nature, and only a few of them are able to find their true harmony. Let them reflect on the basis of their feelings as often as possible. Over time the majority of men will come to a conclusion of total groundlessness and, therefore, inexpediency of these feelings. This is our chance, Mogoth, to pull humans out of hands of our foe!

One must act here very carefully, Mogoth. We must convince them in uselessness of any friendly feelings and at the same time in necessity of any useful to us – anger, rage, melancholy, despondency. Show them how often love appears to be evil and harm imposed to them remains unpunished. Show how natural it’s to feel anger at discrepancy of their desires with objective reality.

Show that only frankly brainless fool will rejoice when others feel grief. Always, always, Mogoth, some of these biped ones will experience grief – and that way others will be stripped of joy. Show them how coercion, based on aggression and fear, is being much more effective than some dribbling-pink friendly snivels! And don’t let them reflect on a temporary effect of the first and global effect of the second, otherwise they will turn away from us once and for all, having asked our enemy for what they call as "purification". When you deprive them of sources of life’s joy, Mogoth, you will strip them of love for life. Having stripped them of love for their own life, you will gradually deprive them of love for lives of others.

Show them that love has no reasons to be – that it’s senseless, just an ungrateful waste of own spiritual energy – and they will willingly come to us and pass our fiery purification!

* * *

Mogoth, my loyal soldier, how do I love you with our all-devouring love! More and more I am becoming convinced of how correct was my choice and how I and the one standing over me wasn’t mistaken in you. "Truly", – as one of our old enemies used to speak, – truly I speak: in your cursed battle for souls of these mortals you have become one of our best prophets!

You were absolutely right, having used that turmoil and misunderstanding in their hearts and minds, which was already formed and continues to live, eating them from within for centuries. Our called prophets worked well in due time, having interfered, mixed and altered that knowledge, given to them by prophets of our eternal enemy. For several planetary centuries already they cannot "separate grain from a ryegrass", Mogoth! They are lost in attempts to understand these "sacred books", "revelations", "teachings", which have become so contradictory at present. They, due to their natural spiritual blindness, aren’t capable to sort out of what was included there by our prophets and prophets of our hated foe. And this creates doubts, Mogoth, – doubts about which I told you before as of that key that will eventually open us a path to their souls.

Moreover, now these "doctrines" begin contradicting each other. Use that well, Mogoth! Use that to convince each group of these followers in their as if special exclusiveness, their selectness for a great cause, in correctness of their ways and at the same time in total falsehood of ways of other followers. Let them start fighting each other on any trifles, concerning most insignificant aspects of these heritages, and let them never notice how uniform these teachings still remain in their basic essence (it’s so damned to realize that even we aren’t omnipotent, Mogoth!). Seeing this senseless fight of various religious followers with each other, best ones in their ranks will eventually be disappointed in a way they follow, for they will inevitably associate their chosen way with a need of this most stupid fighting. And as soon as they lose this moral ground, Mogoth, – they will inevitably become ours in due times.

Don’t worry about those ones who, not belonging to any followers of any doctrines, will still manage to keep this eternal spiritual essence, granted to them by the Maker. They are so few, Mogoth, that I can count them all on fingers of one my sharp-clawed paw! They won’t be able to alter mass consciousness, they are doomed to fail.

Create, Mogoth, create an atmosphere of hatred and hostility between followers of these doctrines. Strengthen it, having pointed for each one on the absurdity of beliefs of others, speaking nothing of the absurdity of their own beliefs. Show them, how pleasant it’s to seek for these absurd in doctrines of others. Let them publicly speak of exclusiveness of their belief, let them trample down belief of others, and let them never understand that their  so-called "faith" has nothing in common with that Faith which our ancient enemy wanted them to grow inside. Gradually, having convinced themselves in selectness of own "belief", they will become those mindless fanatics, which our eternal father wants them to be. Deprived of last remnants of reason, these "faithful" will once become great soldiers of our invincible fiery cohorts!

* * *

Whether what you have recently done is right, Mogoth, you ask me? Right, – I will tell you – because that deed also eventually leads to our long-awaited ultimate last victory.

I have already spoken to you about their imperfect mass consciousness, but I should tell you this as well – don’t be afraid to reduce the number of embodied ones in their world. There are no contradictions in these two advices of mine, Mogoth. The contradiction – that’s what’s capable to evolve their consciousness and destroy it as well due to another mistake of their Maker, – it’s totally uncommon for us. Everything that conducts to our inevitable victory and defeat of our enemy – all of this can be put to use with unholy approval of our Unspeakable father.

You acted right, Mogoth, not letting him to be embodied. This particular person with such great and … brrr! … pure soul – he could become a serious support to our enemy in our common war, if he managed to come to this planetary physical plane. But now he has to wait for several decades of planetary years before this possibility arises again. And I am not speaking of this tremendous pain which he should have experienced, being torn apart alive by scalpels of these "doctors". My entire essence rejoices at the very thought of it!

Let him reflect on how painful it is – to serve our enemy! Now, Mogoth, comes the most important and difficult part of that deed – you must not let his mother, who have killed him, to feel repentance for what she has done. Repentance – that’s what too generous Maker gave them, that’s what can turn them away from us even in their final steps, making them speak to our enemy and being pulled out immediately from our darkest fiery chasms. You shouldn’t let her feel herself guilty!

Show her why this deed was so natural and necessary. Convince her that this unembodied child, if he was born, would bring her incredible number of "problems" – what she always so diligently sought to escape. Try to connect her with similar people, not allowing to see and understand the joy of motherhood. Stop any long-term contacts with happy mothers that have preferred difficulties of child-care to ease of own problems-free life. Doctors, whom the hand of our father has once touched, have already made of part of that deed, having convinced her that they have killed just a piece of matter instead of a living man – and you must keep supporting this false belief inside her.

Now, several first months after this event – they will become both yours and her trial. Shield her from excessive emotional disorders, try to satisfy some of her materialistic desires – that will distract her consciousness from comprehending of her major mistake. Let her go to concerts, cinema and in every imaginable way join what they are calling "culture" and what for several decades already have been our main tool of formation of their mass consciousness. Allow her to feel as an extremely "modern" woman and never understand that these eternal truths, which prophets of our enemy were talking about, can never be either modern or unmodern as well. And if only – oh, how magnificent this achievement would be! – you can force her to repeat that mistake a second time – she will forever be ours, Mogoth! Some of them, who have once committed child-killing, can be overtaken by this pathetic repentance, – but it can never reach those who have consciously repeated that same deed – they die for our enemy and reborn for eternal life in our ranks.

Never, Mogoth! Never for our enemy – and eternally for us! They, these female murderers, after disembodiment they will become our Maidens of Death, waging war with forces of our enemy for fates of children in this world – and the very nature of life will shiver on their terrifying and unshakable approach!

* * *

My called one, my devoted servant! Truly (as prophets of our enemy like to speak) you never cease to surprise me with that persistence and composure with which you continue to achieve our common goal.

Culture, no matter how disgusting it’s for me to pronounce that word, which is so close in its true meaning to initial essence of the Maker, culture – that’s what has been intended to be a great purifier of human souls and what now became our main weapon in our battle for them! Can there be anything more appealing than contemplation of how once moral and pure individual, having plunged himself in this culture, gradually loses last remnants of human-likeness and, as they call it, humanity, turning into a wild animal, bridled by primitive passions, and thus inevitable walks closer and closer to us? Whether there is something more pleasing than contemplation of how our ranks grow with each passing day? Is there is anything more desirable than these cursed human souls for our invincible father? Truly, Mogoth, all qualities, given to them by this unwise Maker, – all of them will serve us one way or another – one only needs to know how he can use each to our advantage. You, Mogoth, managed to learn it.

As you have noticed, their so-called culture became mass now, just like their art – it ceased to be a destiny of most hated by us few individuals. By itself it had to become a sign of that "Kingdom of God", of which prophets of our foe used to speak, however unloved by us Maker made yet another mistake by wishing (if he is capable of wishing at all) the fastest realization of his "plan" (if such his actions can be called that way at all). Now, when consciousnesses of their majority have been darkened by our warriors and prophets, when lots of their souls, thanks to their inner instability, were touched by a hand of our father, – now such newly appeared creators are going to destroy last remnants of this culture. There are hordes of them, Mogoth, – there are thousands. But in the upcoming times, foreseen by the Unspeakable One, there will be tens of thousands of creators of a new age. Our pawns, who keep considering themselves as free ones, educators of our dark era. And then, Mogoth, thanks to the mentioned aspect of a consciousness of these beings – last strongholds of a true culture will crumble, and their world will be forever ours!

Therefore help these new creators to be widely-known, even if in this embodiment they haven’t been gifted by the Maker with any significant talents. The less they are – the better, Mogoth. Let many others hear and speak of them often – for when many talk about you, inevitably there come those who due to immanent envy begin to imitate you either by their free will or involuntarily, no matter how bad you are in nature. We will make sure that numbers of these imitating ones grow steadily.

Help these ones, which you have put forward, to consider themselves as somewhat special, exclusive – even allow them to compare themselves to night suns – for these stars are only visible in darkness, visible in our future kingdom, Mogoth! Therefore they must not feel neither for money, nor for same cursed by us "mentors". Help these creators of ours at first stages – and the vanguard of most "modern" beings of their society will push them forward.

But in the name of all circles of our planes, never let them see how ugly and pitiful these "present times" have already become! Let them in their never-ending ignorance continue to believe that they are capable to "develop" only by ascending, don’t let them see the abyss they have already come to. The more there are those who have stepped over this fiery barrier – the closer is our relentless triumph and ultimate defeat of our enemy.

Let these newborn creators start glorifying various animal instincts in humans as their inherent quality, as if it’s a blessing of the Maker itself. Let them seek and find most unworthy manifestations of their society’s life, and let them present it as though it was at the very least a "simple realism", and ideally – "new cultural trends". And afterwards "culture fans" will do all the rest…

Act, Mogoth, use the weakness you have found – and let their day become the night and creators – our flaring stars in it!

* * *

What can be better than to hear their praises to our father, who have betrayed the Maker, what can be tastier than to feel hatred, poured by them on the Maker?!

Mogoth, Mogoth, how crafty you have managed to entice this "believer" into our ranks! To strengthen his faith at first, to bring it almost to the tops, when it becomes extremely strong and immeasurably vulnerable at the same time – and then to bring it down into the abyss like a heavy stone! To tell the truth, even I, who is standing to the right of our father, couldn’t play it out better than you.

Such "betrayed" by the Maker believers – after the disembodiment they become our best Commanders of Hopelessness and always and up to the day of their final merge with the Unspeakable One faithfully serve us. Now not only he doesn’t have a faith, but even a sign of trust, which is so necessary for the Maker to help these unfortunate ones – and from now on our enemy won’t be able to reach him anymore.

Having cut the thread of life of his believer’s relative, you have broken off the thread of his belief, Mogoth. They, these ones, who have almost reached our enemy, become very sensitive to all living beings and their relatives in particular – yet another "blessing" of the Maker, which has become their curse!

To help him believe in the nearby presence of our enemy, in his care of him, in his help – and then to cut off a thread of his relative’s life – his son. And in what way … not some common simple and painless parting with a physical body, but tortures, sufferings, agony! How I enjoyed, Mogoth, seeing and feeling his pain, when he was slowly dying from knives of these murderers and then from a blood loss, not able to shout and call for help even a single man in this ruthless – thanks to humans, and not us, notice! – world.

His sufferings redeemed his past guilt, Mogoth, and he could get into a bosom of our enemy – but his father will never join him and come to these otherworldly heights! Now he will continue to accuse our enemy for this loss and shortly afterwards will finally renounce him, having not understood that he, our enemy, never took away and doesn’t take away violently from this life any soul against her own will.

Well, let him keep this bliss of ignorance until his essence transforms itself to a state, where it can be devoured by our eternal father. Things are easy – not to allow him to reflect on this trick of ours, not to let him say a sincere prayer for the Maker. None of us could still understand why such pure-heart call to our enemy was capable to destroy all our influences and tear off all threads, connecting us with a human – and we still have no idea of how to oppose it. Therefore don’t allow him to think of it deeply, because in that case in due time he can even begin thinking that the death of his son was some kind of important lesson and incomprehensible logic of the Maker, thus turning away from us. Oh, silly mortals, all strange logic of our foe they are ready to present as "incomprehensibility"!

Let all his essence continue to boil with anger, just like now, let his mouth continue to accuse our enemy for the death he wasn’t involved in, and let the Maker in his eternal calmness shudder from realization of what those humans have chosen, being given a free will!

* * *

The man that you have told me about, Mogoth, is one of those who, with instigation of our enemy (of course, they continue to consider it as their own free choice), comes to this plane with a mission to bring closer that unrealizable "Kingdom of God", "Paradise on Earth", about which I spoke to you already. If the atmosphere of their childhood and youth will help develop these inner qualities, given to them by the Maker for this purpose, – they can become very dangerous for fulfillment of our plan. Having acquired continuous heart-based link with our foe, and being able to influence a spiritual essence of other people, they are capable to ruin our plans over and over again with regards of some of those who are coming to us. Grade of planetary influence of these individuals isn’t too great (because even our enemy has to follow the rules he has once written), but their numbers keep growing, Mogoth! It seems that our foe exposes them as leaders for others "honest workers" (if only you knew how unpleasant for me this phrase is, connecting the unconnected!). Pathetic pawns of the Maker, considering themselves capable to transform this world on his directives! We will disembody them, Mogoth, and then theirs souls will be devoured by the Unspeakable One!

Therefore, we must not let them grow up and comprehend the Maker quietly and painless, we have to make the very nature of their life intolerable. Create an atmosphere of internal hostility and rivalry in their families. Let husband quarrel with a wife, and wife – with a husband, let such a child start absorbing this wonderful stench from young age, and over time – begin considering it natural and self-evident. Let his mother become filled with hatred to a husband – and even better if she becomes disappointed in her former choice. As you already know, in the infancy period of these children their bond with mother is extremely strong, so feelings and desires of a mother gradually become feelings and desires of a newborn child, and vice versa. Therefore, the more anger and hostility she experiences during that period, the better, Mogoth. And if you manage to transform such mothers into aforementioned Maidens of Death – I will personally ask our father to give you their souls!

If you find yourself unable to harden his mother, you can always use rivalry between children, if there are more than one of them in a given family. Let elder children fight with younger for attention of their parents, and let such fight gradually becomes a meaning of their life, the very essence of their existence. By turning since childhood his attention away from important matters and concentrating it on family squabbles, you will deprive him an opportunity to reach the Maker in due time – and then we shall take advantage of it.

And if you still cannot destroy their family’s harmony, you can always use others, who are unaware of this harmony at all. Their schools will suit this purpose as best as possible. Houses, which should have served as strongholds of humanity and wisdom, have now, thanks to our constant efforts, become regions of cruelty, indifference and contempt. Use such people, whom this grabby hand of a distant Maker hasn’t reached yet, use them all as pawns in fights against such a person. Make them hate this person for the very fact of his earthly existence. Allow them to feel that they are lesser than he in some regards, that they have yet to reach while he has reached it already – but let it turn not into their desire to change themselves, but their hatred to him.

Almost for certain he will be alone in his aspiration – and your pawns are like legion, – and, as one of these puny mortals once said, "one man is no man". Let him be beaten, let him be humiliated and brought down on his knees – and let them feel their strength and his weakness in the process. This will gradually harden his heart, it has to! Over time he, certainly, will begin considering his oppressors as "lower beings" in order to somehow compensate in his soul for all those sufferings they have put him through – and by doing that he will incite them against him even more without our full-scale and otherworldly assistance. And, having started despising them in return, he will forever lose that binding thread of the Maker and forget about his duty.

If it turns out, that the Maker awarded this individual with a bright mind – the better it is for us. Help him use this gift to the detriment of our enemy. Let him be successful in rather complex intellectual challenges, let him learn this success from their solving, the joy that he has managed to overtake someone on this path – no matter how narrow and endless it is. That way in due time he will not only start despising his direct oppressors, but many other people around him as being less intellectually developed. Mind isn’t capable to comprehend the Maker – and by developing only it your victim will be moving further and further away from understanding of what some other mortal fool called as "the simple truth". It will be magnificent if you manage to convince him to lean only on that mind during his youth and adulthood – and together with all our influences, which their society has already undergone, it shouldn’t be too difficult, especially for you.

Let him achieve what is traditionally considered as signs of life’s success and welfare – the more he becomes tied to this wellbeing, the more difficult it will be for him to reject it afterwards in order to follow our enemy’s path. Moreover, when subsequently our opponent will try to approach him and destroy his self-made prison – what a delightful stream of anger and misunderstanding he will receive in return! This is what was exactly meant by a famous prophet of our foe, which was afterwards translated rather roughly and inexactly by these mortals as the phrase, that a rich one won’t enter a kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, let his adulthood be successful in every aspect, which will be apprehended by him as yet another proof of his initial correctness, which has now grown deserved fruits. The less there will be doubts in correctness of his contempt for other "lower" people, the less are his chances to hear the Maker’s voice, appealing to him via life’s circumstances. Thus don’t ever allow him to think of how wrong is this way of contempt, how impossible it’s to truly love some people while despising and hating others at the same time. Don’t allow him to decide, that former offenses were only a test of his love to mankind, which is required for final formation of his heart-based bond with our foe. Having once understood that, he will leave from under our influence immediately! Oh, miserable mortals, why has the Maker awarded you with that ability to cut off these webs, which we have been crafting for decades, and in your aspiration to him evade all traps, placed by us on your way?! Pathetic, insignificant mortals, why have you become stronger in this regard than we are, best of his former soldiers, who have once stepped against him?!

Don’t let ones such as he to once understand, that all their life has become a one big trial of love to our enemy and everything he has created, don’t allow them to address our foe with repentance for former misunderstanding of his motives! Having realized that and being filled with a grace of our enemy, they become almost invincible – and even subsequently sent by us diseases and misfortunes become incapable to shake their hearts and force to curtail from a path which leads directly to our enemy.

Having realized themselves as creators of a new era, they will inevitably try to start implementing plans of our foe. This cannot be allowed to happen, do you hear me, Mogoth?! If you make such a slip, I … I … in a word, don’t allow this for your own and our general welfare!

I will send you one more of my warriors, Mogoth – together you will become indestructible. Act then to ruin all plans of our enemy and destroy the very thought of too potential human "divinity"!

* * *

Well, Mogoth, I see that you are making progress on the path of our common inevitable celebration once again. For this reason, for your fidelity and devotion to our damned deed, I forgive you your last mistake with an unborn Maiden of Death. Don’t miss new upcoming opportunity this time, my devoted servant!

As I have already told you, their mind bears that defect, that critical "design error", which, due to his desire to see humans as free-willed ones, the Maker once put inside them. Of course, I am telling of what I have already called as "noncriticality" – or, to be more correct, – their natural stupidity and negligibility of their mind, bearing the very same primordial animal instincts throughout centuries.

As I already mentioned, their mortal mind isn’t capable to comprehend the Maker by itself – a sort of inspiration, some kind of impulse is required from what these insignificant mortals call as "soul" – and what has been our most delicious food since the times of Descending.

Creating these beings, our enemy in his "great grace" have given to each of them a small indestructible part of himself – and thus potentially made them immortal. Fools, thinking of themselves as being made "by his image and similarity", if only they knew what great trial their "father" created for them by this act!

You already know, Mogoth, how each of such absorbed and consumed particle of the Maker makes us so much stronger, and you are aware, that prior to this process we should extinguish almost entirely its inborn light of the essence of our common foe. Even we, best of his former soldiers, cannot compete with this intrinsic light directly, and are forced to carefully destroy it with long-lasting and careful efforts. So, Mogoth, the effect of this most intrinsic light, which manifests itself in their mortal bodies through what is usually called as "heart" – only it in combination with a mortal mind is capable to slightly open that door, with which the Maker as if purposely hide from them. But neither the heart, nor the mind by itself separately is capable to promote this dirty "enlightenment" – and this, perhaps, will become their greatest defect, that will lead us to the victory over the light of their souls.

My damned warrior, now you should interfere with what they usually call as "science" – destiny of a small number of most intellectually gifted by the Maker beings, who have now become especially vulnerable. Science as a manifestation of the reason, given to them, – that’s what according to the plan of our enemy had to serve for comprehension of initial beauty and harmony of a given to them world, moving them closer to their father – for now it has become not an observer, but its executioner’s, Mogoth! "Scientific" biped ones inevitably, as was foresaw by the Unspeakable One, completely undergone the influence of their minds, having blocked another mentioned channel of communication with our foe. Inspired by a false idea of being capable to learn the essence of surrounding world with only their minds, they began gradually destroying it – they turned against the life itself, Mogoth! Look, observe with your fiery gaze, Mogoth – and you shall effortlessly see, how great are their achievements for the last several hundreds of planetary years. Yes, they are truly immense – immense as a part of the plan of our mighty father!

Their planet groans under oppression of their inventions, the tools of murder they have created make even our eternal father admire, their inner essence was reduced to a set of cellular conversions, their mind began destroying life. Truly, these creatures of our enemy have no idea of what they are doing – they don’t fully understand of what they have already created.

How sweet it is, Mogoth, how incredible it is for my entire being to observe, how other people, in whom bigger attention was granted to a second, heart component – how they rise against such a destruction. Their essence, still bearing remnants of memories of what it once was – their entire being rises against "starting dying from the birth", against such preparation and sorting of all life phenomena, including their own life. Fools, considering themselves as fighters for the existence of incomprehensible, if only they knew, how faithfully they serve our goals by revolting against science.

All roads lead to us, Mogoth, – and there are no straight ones by which they can easily come to our enemy. We shall use this battle between scientific and uneducated, learning and comprehending, thereby bringing closer the moment of embodiment of the essence of our invincible father in their world. We will give those fighting against science a miracle, Mogoth, – for they are so eager to prove to everyone that there is at least a small amount of mysterious in this world that hasn’t been carefully and methodically studied, classified and prepared.

Children, running for the conjurer, who has deceived them – that’s whom they will become! Our incarnated Wizards of the Abyss are already working on that in their world, Mogoth, – and soon enough there will be legions of those, who have refused knowledge and believed in power and God-likeness of our servants. We will go further – we shall create schools and societies of magic, numerous Control Centers of Magic Perturbations, each with its loyal servants and students. Their practice of similar "miracles" will over time lead to a vast set of various mental disorders, their mind will be completely stripped of mentioned "criticality". And only after several decades of their planetary years – so insignificant for us term – those, who have refused knowledge in favor of miracle, will be deprived of last remnants of reason – we only must now allow them to understand, how not too far one is capable of travelling by moving exclusively on one leg instead of initially given to them two.

All roads lead to us, Mogoth, – one only needs to curtail from his way at least once.

* * *

Yes, Mogoth, exactly this, called by you as "dissoluteness", trait of these mortals is so harmful for their journey to our enemy and so desirable for us. It continues promoting a general decrease of viability of these people and emergence of various cursed excesses and perversions. As you have probably already noticed, the number of individuals, who are subject to it, continue its steady growth, in which a special and great role is played by already known to you mass consciousness. Truly, these blind ones keep digging pits for each other to fall!

As you have already noticed on the example of observed individuals, a so-called "sexual" sphere of their relations underwent this influence especially considerably in the last several years. Their mortal and vulnerable body, which preserves al atavisms of previous animal evolution, and that particle of indestructible essence of the Maker, which allows these bodies to truly live – in what great fight they are capable to engage with each other!

The Maker, known part of whose plan probably consisted in making these beings immortal inside and mortal outside, thereby over and over again giving them what is called as "free choice" for the purpose of evolution and improvement of these spiritual particles, granted to them, – this immemorial enemy of ours in his inconceivable desire to see them spiritually free has once again made a mistake, the price of which a soul of human.

This animal nature gradually begins to win, Mogoth, – it already triumphs! You foresaw yourself with a fiery gaze, Mogoth, – you foresaw these humans and their orgies. Everything has been finally mixed up – concepts, which our foe unsuccessfully tried to grow in them, concepts of due and inadmissible, natural and ugly (and ugly became natural at last!), animal-like and human-like (and humans became like animals!). How delightful it is to behold such people, who have reduced themselves to this state in their free will, and curtailed on our unjust path willingly!

Soon, so very soon, Mogoth, this new way will lead to total degradation and blurring of these animal and human borders. You saw it yourself, Mogoth, how they have ceased to be afraid to enter into sexual relations with others of similar gender; you saw it yourself how a sex, which should have been a manifestation of love to each other (no matter how disgusting it’s for me to pronounce that word!), according to our enemy’s plan, between two – male and female – beings, how it stopped being a shared secret of two and became an act of many. What can be more inspiring, than to see how this intrinsic light of the Maker, of which I have told you, fluctuates like a weak dying spark, being extinguished by a sudden wind’s gust?! We are winning, Mogoth, and signs of our victory become clearly visible – just as our dark and fiery father has predicted.

Soon, so very soon these people will lose a major part of life forces, poured into them by the Maker at the moment of their birth – and become extremely vulnerable and readily available for us. They are those fools, considering this "free sex" as a major achievement of their era, who in their folly have thrown aside all wisdom and experience of passed centuries!

The Maker, our eternal hated enemy, – he has given them a particle of his powers upon their arrival into this world, but due to own miscalculations has allowed each of them to use it at their sole discretion once again. He, our enemy, has given them vital knowledge that only through the love, which is the very nature of him, they are capable to comprehend and approach him, gaining new powers for own growth, so that they can in a distant future return back to him, but already transformed.

They didn’t hear him, they mockingly discarded this knowledge as not corresponding with their true inclinations! Now since young age they spend these powers only for mutual fight, from time to time finding imaginary rest in what they began calling as sex – what has gradually departed from that essence of love, which our enemy desired to see in them, – as far as it was ever possible. Having lost this basis of love, they should have inevitably come to its substitutes – and they indeed came to that sorry state, the direct witnesses of which you became, Mogoth.

Let these nobodies keep going down this road! With time their sex will rip their souls of last sparks of true love and suck away all vital forces. They will begin having sex with animals, they will start going crazy, fall into long-term depressions and melancholies, for which their doctors won’t find an explanation – and subsequently finish off own lives with suicides, cursing this life and the one who have created it, not having realized, that it wasn’t the Maker who cursed them – it were they.

Let they keep descending by this road of permissiveness, let they not stop or curtail from it! Our victory is already close, Mogoth, as our eternal father was saying, – "And they will curse my enemy and themselves – and accept my fiery baptism. And, having accepted my baptism, they will become an eternal part of me, knowing no pain, love or defeats".

Go forth, Mogoth, go and fulfill our great plan!

* * *

Who could possibly think, that completion of the next part of our inscrutable plan will be such an easy task? Truly, these blind men pushing each other into a chasm! I, who is standing to the right of the Unspeakable One, is truly satisfied with you, Mogoth, and your recent progress on their plane. Unbreakable is broken, unjoinable is being connected – this means that the prophecies, opened for us by our eternal father in his dark providence, are being fulfilled at last.

What can be more beautiful, than fostered by them mutual hatred to each other, what can be more reassuring, than a fight of whole nations for who knows what goals, – a fight that, thanks to our father, has no visible ending?!

Ah, Mogoth, Mogoth, if it was only possible for you to feel what I am feeling now even for a tiny period of time continuum’s life! Neither one, nor two, nor one hundred of these mortals – but thousands and hundreds of thousands, each day facing each other in their last deadly fight for unknown goals of their leaders – oh, Unspeakable One, how fine is that all! Truly, these blinded ones now dig extensive funeral holes for each other every day.

You, certainly, still remember how difficult it was for us to implement something similar uncountable millennia ago? Primitive biped ones, they have been so limited by the very nature of their plane, that they couldn’t seriously harm each other. For now everything has changed – their "mind" (yet another curse with which this inscrutable Maker rewarded them!) has already almost done all that was necessary, and at present time they can eradicate an entire planet from life in their physical plane.

It might seem like a perfect moment to use our called ones to provoke the usage of these deadly weapons through them, creating an apocalypse for the entire world – but plans of our eternal father are much wider and more far-sighted, Mogoth. Indeed, agony and pain of billions of these creatures, dying in one wonderful instant of time – they would certainly be a truly damned and delicious food for all of us and bring considerably closer that day, when last constraining us fetters fall in ashes and we become free again – and, nevertheless, it would be insufficiently. Even the apocalypse of their entire world, no matter how grandiose it could be, won’t give a chance for our father to be sated to the extent when he becomes able to break constraining us on our plane barriers. And for this reason we have chosen another way, Mogoth, – a slower path, but inevitably leading us to victory. We won’t destroy them all at once – we will keep killing them one by one – until a chalice of our enemy’s compassion (if he is even capable to feel something like that) to his pathetic creations becomes filled and he "in his eternal glory" descends into their world himself and finally becomes vulnerable for us – or until the power we gather becomes enough for our father to break that constraining barrier, starting the process of our Outcome. Whichever of this comes earlier – all of this is what was expected and calculated by us uncountable eons before, making our final victory inevitable! And before this time comes – we will be killing them gradually, Mogoth, – killing them with their own hands.

You has certainly noticed the beginning of a new, long-awaited process, when they in their madness try to divide their planetary home world into a heap of small separate pieces? Just like innocent children (and what prophet of our enemy did say, that they belong to this "Kingdom of God"?!) they try to pull their common toy in different directions, and everyone is sincerely hoping, that it was a gift for him only without understanding how these "competitions" can end. There are now several hundreds of them, Mogoth, – several hundreds of "states"! Their planet has gone – it has died, Mogoth, in order to be sliced into a thousand and one piece for the benefit of separate groups of these mortals – and finally these "children" (and how isn’t the Maker become tired from calling them as such?!) began killing each other for a piece that they do not possess.

It’s such a blessed damnation – to see, how separate groups of mortals gather up around these pieces, each with its own "great" leader, everyone with his best religion and history, with own brightest future, with chosen nation … each idiot with a false idea to control a part of their common gift! With such a speed these biped ones will soon implement our plan even without our direct otherworldly assistance!

To strengthen feeling of a selectness of his "nation", his "state", his "country" in souls of each of them, to bring it to extremes, to put into governments of states those who were touched by our hand – and they will finish the rest. Let them cease trusting each other, let them see only future plots and deceptions in actions of others, let them seek only personal gain and interests of their state (which has become so narrow) everywhere, let them constantly conduct never-ending skirmishes, let their relation to each other transform into fighting of wild beasts and children of their children once feel a taste of revenge! Truly, they will never understand, that they have divided what couldn’t be divided – for they have divided it nevertheless!

Oh, Maker, why couldn’t you reward these representatives of your herd with even a small piece of true rationality, so that they could at least somehow try to resist the upcoming of our plan and thus amuse us a little? Truly, Mogoth, these nobodies resemble those saints of antiquity, who were clearing this planet from filth by generously fertilizing it with blood of sinners.

What can be said of their "charity", which has become a strangled cry of the dying conscience! Oh, it resembles a situation as though their next saint, having just killed parents of a small child, blesses him, hiding in horror, and even gives him a coin as a token of own great and immemorial generosity! No, Mogoth, it’s even more amusing – it’s similar as though some of them stands down on his kneels before our enemy and in his warm prayer asks the Maker to destroy all foes of this mortal, thus strengthening his "belief"! Exactly about such type of our prophets I have told you, Mogoth, – oh, how delightfully it’s to see their birth! Indeed, let them only for the sake of calming of own aching conscience and not for own souls help all these "starving poor children in such a country", these "unfortunate victims of such bloody acts", refusing to accept so truthful and unacceptable for their sated and self-satisfied conscious nesses thought, that exactly they in own aspiration to divide inseparable became the main reason of similar disasters.

Let their conscience sleep – and generosity triumphs, let their eyes behold – and heart be silenced, let they, who are always looking around and never ahead of themselves, continue going to their final destination, where there will once be all of those, whose fates were predetermined at the time of our father’s ascension. Divided, scattered, separated – what can they do against us, united in our goal, us, who are piercing worlds?!

They will tear out each other eyes, pierce each other hearts, curse and damn each other – and then, in that inevitable moment, that foreseen and predicted instant, that moment of truth – last constraining us barriers will be destroyed at last!

* * *

To be honest, those reports on your activity, which I have been receiving from another ward, disturb me, Mogoth. You couldn’t fulfill your newly assigned task again – or, perhaps, you had no desire to do it? What kind of force majeure circumstances have prevented you from breaking a formed spiritual bond between two known to you lovers? Why have you ignored designated strange accident of a sudden spiritualizing of our former devoted and well-tested prophet, who have appealed to the Maker? Why hasn’t you helped to receive that lottery prize to a specified individual, as it was originally planned, in order to lead him away from the path, which was prepared for him by our enemy, having transformed him afterwards into most practical businessman? Why hasn’t you planted seeds of disputes in that on-stage performance group of workers, of which you were told by my assistant, thereby having interrupted their so unbearable for us activity for a long time? Have you already exhausted your potential?

Mogoth, I demand answers! Till now you have always faithfully served our common cause – and I had no reasons to doubt your devotion so far, and for that very reason you are still at large and free in their plane. But both you and I – we all perfectly know, what happens to those few, who for unclear reasons once betray our fiery father – and the fate of that prophet, who has betrayed us and whose case you so carelessly ignored, can serve as yet another fitting example of it! He was disintegrated, Mogoth, – his last appeal to our foe wasn’t enough to expiate centuries of former serving to our cursed deed – and we managed to capture his escaping spiritual essence, no matter how forcefully it was soaring upwards! Now he is disembodied and stays in that temporal Black Hole of Souls, about which you have been already told more than once. Shortly afterwards he will stand before the Unspeakable One himself, so that he can during these last moments of his independent life behold the great power of the one, against whom he has dared to act – the one, who will turn his spiritual essence into ashes and forever devour it, having cleared from any filth of goodness and light, so that its power, like powers of thousands of similar essences will once, only for the Maker and Unspeakable One known hour, was used in order to finally build our kingdom in their pathetic worlds, forever sealing it from the Maker’s access.

One way or another, his insignificant essence will serve us well – just like your essence will, no matter whether you will stay with us or suddenly decide to discard the hand that has grown you.

My loyal companions will continue to watch over you, Mogoth, to watch every step you make – and, if that is required, I will send the very Reader of Souls to be assured of your devotion – or that the absence of which will be stopped and punished with all possible diligence.

But nevertheless I "believe" (how still terrible does this word sound, bearing an imprint of our enemy in itself!), Mogoth, – I know, that you are not capable to betray our unholy deed and distinctly see, how unwise is the Maker, who has casted us all aside, and how small and doomed to failure are all his plans. I am certain that you will never make same mistakes again and direct all your efforts to show your dark gift, which is so loved by me, be you not a son of the Fallen Paladin!

Shortly my next envoy will send you news with a wish of what is required. Don’t consider it similar to previous one – this time in the case of failure we won’t be able to, as these mortals usually put it, "let it all go", – from the paws, not hands, certainly. I believe, that you won’t let us down – you have been warned of the consequences.

Act, Mogoth, and I conjure you with all circles of Hell, – don’t make us regret choosing you!

* * *

Well, Mogoth, I am glad that you have listened to my last words and evaluated them correctly. Your recent successes allow us to hope, that you are indeed capable to estimate reality very sensibly.

As you have correctly noticed, recently chaos in their minds intertwined with chaos in their souls – so awaited and loved by us phenomenon. Further and further away they are travelling from that initial essence, put inside them by our foe, and transformation and reign of which he wanted to see in them – and, thereby, continue approaching our domain more and more promptly.

Now they have forgotten how to love and trust, let both of these feelings be damned for eternity! At present moment they have already seriously plunged themselves into illusion of what they consider the only existing reality, and finally became vulnerable to our Fallen Paladins. Their mind – what these biped ones consider as the only available tool for learning of their world – what dirty trick it is almost ready to play with them, what blessed spiritual chaos it is capable to create!

You very correctly used it to help them prevail over love in their souls – almost like the way they have won against nature of their plane in due time. Now, when they gradually evade from realization of that uniform entity, on the basis of which our enemy created them and all known to us worlds and planes, – right now our opportunities to finally alter their intended way increase immensely. Now, when they gradually lose this feeling and their saving grace, they become more and more vulnerable to our dark influences. They will be ill, Mogoth, – not understanding the cause of their diseases and where to find a cure. They will hate, Mogoth, – without understanding of what this hate has replaced. They will abuse and scold our foe, without recognizing themselves as the only responsible ones for their sorry state, in which they will be living. And when they finally reject this cursed love and lose faith in it – they will become forever ours.

Now, when they gradually lose this feeling and this saving protection, they become more and more vulnerable for our dark influences. They will be ill, Mogot, – without understanding, than their diseases are caused and where to find medicine. They will hate, Mogot, – without realizing, their hatred came to the become empty place of what. They will abuse and abuse our enemy, without having managed to recognize only themselves responsible for that status in which they will begin to stay. And when they, at last, will finally refuse this damned love and will lose a faith in it – during that instant they forever will become ours.

It happens soon – just as was foreseen by the Unspeakable One. Externally healthy will be giving birth to ill-ones and externally ill-ones will be giving birth to healthy. Decent ones will be considered criminals – and criminals will look like decent ones. Respected ones will become contemptible, and contemptible will achieve respect. Joy will be transformed into hatred – and hatred will give them joy. Righteous ones will turn out to be sinners – and among sinners righteous ones will be found. Love will be transformed into illusion – and illusions will fill their minds. The future will disappear, having left its place to the present, – and that present will hate the past and destroy the future. White will be black, and black look like white, – and, having mixed up, they will form what will be recognized by humans as perfection. And when all of it will occur, time itself will turn back, allowing them to behold what they have come to – yet they will have no more time to be terrified, for the last prophecy will be fulfilled and the Unspeakable One will come out of his long-term prison in order to battle against the Maker for this world and prevail.

But so far they still have some time, because all the power of our father is still not enough to break the barriers, constraining him – and therefore we, his faithful servants, should use this time to bring closer the instant of his final damned triumph. And you, Mogoth, still remain one of those few thousands, that day after day and hour after an hour bring this blissful moment closer. And your recent success with transformation of this loving mortal into a tyrant, who hates and despises others, as best as possible proves, that it is in our power to achieve similar transformation of these beings.

Whether it’s not pleasant to see, how powerless are they before our influence, how strongly at ours approach they try to cling to all "earthly" things, for which they have got so used to, not realizing, where their only salvation lies. They are similar to those silly swimmers, who not only aren’t capable to come to the rescue of drowning another, but are ready to drown voluntarily, if they see a flash of some nonexistent magical treasure somewhere in depths. Well, let them, having almost reached it, suddenly see, that this gloss of a treasure was nothing more than a deep reflection of a sun in a water, – and they won’t have neither powers, no air any more in order to break surface. Pitiful small fishes, who are greedy incorporating last remnants of water oxygen with own gills, never will they understand, that the sun, which gloss of beams they have taken for a treasure, lies not in far depths, but over their own heads, which are forever lowered down. And let them never say, that they have not chosen this way, let them not complain to the Maker, – for even he, the Maker, has no power to cancel the uniform laws, that has once made.

And for now – let them have a good time. Let them celebrate these of course great achievements of science and technology. Let them be sated and satisfied and never become sensitive. Let them use morality to shield from a stench of own spiritual decay. Let them turn love into a purchase, even not always successful. Let their joy be born from life’s successes, and their hatred – from purification. Let their sexuality be awoken to replace love. Let their conscience never wake up, and their heart be silenced forever. And let them nevermore raise their heads.

Prophecies are being executed, and our time is coming. The moment of the destruction of last barriers is not too far.

* * *

It’s much easier to destroy, than to create, but even we in our damned battle should make use of the second once in a while. I mean, certainly, a destruction of love as bases of bases and creation of hatred and contempt. Ah, how sweet it is to taste fruits of our works!

These pathetic, puny lovers, how easily they fall for our tricks! Most of them, and especially young ones, don’t stand up against even a single considerable obstacle. Unwillingness of the husband to have children, inability of the wife to always be wise and "understanding" and not just when it’s impossible to do otherwise, excessive use by the husband of invented by us alcoholic beverages, too strong attachment of the wife for those "pretty belongings", despised by the majority of men, and at last some almost inborn inability to have a good-natured (what a hated word!) attitude to shortcomings of each other. A thousand and one way to destroy and turn their pathetic love into a dust – and even more ways to never give it a chance to be born.

Oh rejected us Maker, what pathetic beings are you capable of creating?! Whether it was you, just one, who have taught them how to kill each other with mutual offenses? Whether it was you, oh most gracious one, who have told them that unrequited love is a damnation, given to them by the heavens? Whether it was you, many-faced, who have convinced them that a love between the man and the woman, and not the love of a human for entire universe, is the only form of love? Whether it was you, the purest one, who have helped them understand, that animal-like sex can be a true replacement for the love? Perhaps it was you, who have given them children as a weapon in their endless fights against each other? Have you deprived them of patience, whether you have created all conditions, so that their joy became their common grief and their feelings became those fading tiny sparks, which are carelessly dying away, when a spiritual night approaches?

We, who have renounced you, already know your answer. To the worse for you and your pawns, who still haven’t learned of how to love each other! Why do you continue to care and protect them? What are you hoping to achieve? Do you really think that they, your slaves (even though you got used to call them as children), will somehow seriously change for the better during one hundred of years, if they haven’t managed to change during an entire millennia?! Do you really hope that they will at last hear you, while they were deaf to hundreds and thousands of voices of your messengers?

Are you not capable to understand, that they haven’t been yours for a long time already?! They belong to us, they were initially ours – and now will forever remain as such. We have already won. Look, behold these pathetic creatures – and be terrified, oh all-powerful one! They curse you, they hate each other, they have almost destroyed the world that you have created for them, they have already approached the last red line. They are seminormal, these humans of yours, they have turned back. The circle will be formed soon and their potential divinity will be no more.

Refuse them before they have finally turned away from you, give them to us! Let their souls be profaned, these pathetic mortals haven’t deserved your intervention and aid! Give them to us while it’s still not too late – or behold the anger of our eternal father, who is already breaking off the last barriers of the not-made-by-you prison!

Our power is growing – and now even you, no matter how great is your might, won’t be able to stop us. Last barriers are falling. We are coming!

* * *

Mogoth, pathetic and insignificant fool, how dared you to reject the hand, which has been growing and feeding you, how dared you to betray our common great cause?! Pitiful fosterling, feeding on our boundless trust, how have you dared to destroy my envoy, who was watching you, how dared to raze to dust all my cherished hopes for your use?! The demon from fresh and blood, how have you dared to stand against your brothers, wasn’t afraid to oppose us all? Pathetic worm, unworthy to kowtow at our legs, falsely assuming himself as being capable to become "truly free"!

Do you really believe, that this Maker will be capable to protect you from our just anger, do you really hope, that the one who has been watching quietly all excesses of these people for whole millennia will suddenly decide to take care of some pathetic servant of his enemies?! Do you really hope that he, our eternal irreconcilable foe, will give you a chance to exist in their world in a form that is inherent to them? How silly and pathetic are your plans, traitor!

Our revenge will be terrible, Mogoth! You won’t manage to hide in their world, you will not escape from us! My faithful servants will find you – and your fate will be more dreadful than a fate of the most impudent of our traitors!

Each particle of your essence will undergo transformation and will be devoured by the Unspeakable One – but we will mercifully give you a pleasure not be absorbed instantly. Your memory and personality will be gone, but your consciousness will remain – we won’t destroy it until the barriers, constraining our father, aren’t totally destroyed – and the moment the last of them falls, you will be destroyed as well – the Unspeakable One will devour last remnants of your dying consciousness, and during that last instant you shall see, how our father is being released from the prison – and how all planes of existence shiver under his feet! You will understand, that you were late, you will realize, how helpless from the very beginning you were to oppose us, no matter how cunning and artfully you tried to mislead us, in immense horror you shall experience all this … and that very instant you will be no more. It will be a merciful death and during that last moment you, probably, will still be able to thank us for it.

Don’t even think that your life among these mortals will be a long one – sooner or later we will seek you out, or you will willingly come back to us, not being able to live among them. Your earthly life will become your nightmare, Mogoth, – and you will at last understand, why even our enemy has decided not to interfere with its course for millennia!

From now on you will be the Exiled, Mogoth, – and each and every our ally, an incalculable quantity of which we have even on this planet, will consider it as an honor to make us a service by having caught you. Our hunting is just beginning. You shall not escape.

Live for now – and let your life among these mortals become yet another reminder to the Maker of what almost all of his creations once come to. Live, Mogoth, but remember, that your age will be extremely short for now – and even our eternal enemy won’t be able to come to your aid.

Live, Mogoth, but know – we are coming for you. Your fate is sealed.