On the crossroads

Sky. Bluish-blue one. Crystal-clear. A whole horizon without a single cloud. Cold invigorating wind, swaying floors of the jacket. Music, playing somewhere far away. Waves of surf, fighting against rocks and scattering with a million solar drops.

He was standing, looking forward, in depths of revealing view. Below him a sea was hammering, in its eternal work furiously rolling on rocks and powerlessly receding back – retreating only to assault this tenacious rock with new forces a short after. He was standing still, thoroughly looking afar. Looked on that sky, on a solemn sun, which has started appearing from a horizon and was marking the beginning of the new day, on mountain peaks and seagulls, flying by on the sky. He looked at this for the first time with that sight and sensation he was looking at this right now. Totally differently. Never the one he used to.

Rays of light, shining on a face. A sun, appearing on the east. Sunrise… Here the sun is rising higher and its beams start reflecting upon the water. Faster and steadily it’s illuminating water, foaming and beating about the coast in its eternal and indefatigable work. The veil of darkness falls down and gives way to morning dawn – sunrise, marking the beginning of a new day of life for all living beings.

He smiled. Thoughts of a memorable meeting of his past didn’t leave him. He has remembered that day till now – for ten years of his renewed new life.

A sparkling of stars in the night… Shining of the sun on frolicking waters… Cool morning wind… Rain and drops of morning autumn dew… The whistle of winter blizzards and cold winter gust, freezing open cheeks… Autumn leaf falls, after which the ground appeared as to be decorated by a magnificent polychromatic soft carpet…

Is that not wonderful? Not surprising? Not pleasant? Then why so few people behold and see this great beauty, for now, feel it and rejoice? Why?

No matter what, but he loved it. And this very day he came here, back to mountain peaks to rejoice this beauty, to feel it to the deepest vibration of heart, to learn to feel it that way. Returned to meet his new day – together with those birds, flying by on a sky, with a wind, whistling in a face, with sounds of his small little town, reaching his ears, together with sun and waves – together with a world.

His road is bright and clear. It lies before him, calling forward, into horizons of unknown. He has chosen himself the way in this world. It was ten years ago when he felt it for the first time.

A miracle? Maybe.


“I have no desire to do that! Have no wish and won’t do that. Won’t even think of it. I have my own affairs!”

“But you can do that. Able to, right? You are able to do it, and people do need it, right? It’s necessary for them, do you agree? You can choose whether to help or not. It’s your choice only, and I cannot do it for you. It’s your task to decide and take steps in this or that way, and it’s you who will do that. And if you can – after all, you can, huh? – then maybe it’s worth to? You were in need of aid – and the world aided you. It’s aiding you right now in that very instance of time, according to your aspiration. If you will thirst for destruction – by all means you will get it. First and foremost, it will be the destruction of your own life. But if you keep helping, the world will be answering you the very same way – you will see! If you will be kind – then you will feel the joy of living. You will become happy by bringing light and goodness into the world, helping those near you, having directed in uniform impulse all forces in this direction. No one was every truly happy by razing and destroying – but men reached high tops and far horizons on the path of creation, aid, self-sacrifice, and heroism. By traveling this way men did ascend to horizons of the unknown, moving this way, they grew over themselves, becoming stronger and more courageous, kinder and beautiful. Becoming a loving one and giving your love away, never counting the number of ones loved by you, – you’ll be loved yourself, will care of others – and receive support yourself. Each and everyone receives in the quantity he gives away, how much he gives to those near him. Will be granted probably through most freakish circumstances, friends and acquaintances, distant and nearby ones – he gets what he has earned, receives his own contribution to life, only in the altered form.

Whether it’s not fair? It’s fair. The law operates that way. Sciences of yours will prove it – neither mathematics nor physics or astronomy. Life itself convinces in it sooner or later. One needs not to fear, only the understanding of the way of law is necessary. In fact, it has been known to mankind long ago, but whether many men have comprehended and understood it? The law of compliance, justice law, karma law – you choose the name, it doesn’t change its essence. Nature and essence stay the same, “they will receive what they have earned”, the way it was told once. The deeds to be done you choose yourself, what you will bring into this world and how you’ll do that – it’s up to you. You are free, it’s your choice – always.”

“But how do I understand that I’ve made a certain choice? How to make sure that I am still moving the path I’ve chosen before and haven’t curtailed sideways?”

“How to learn of the choice? But you are making your choice every day – lots of choices, leading to new ones. Now you are carefully listening to me – you have chosen that. Will have no desire to do that – and no one will make you move forward. Remember of the consequences of your choices – nothing disappears without a trace and each choice of yours leads to new revealing ones. And the best advisor of where and how you are going is your own heart. Listen to it closely before making a decision. The sensitive heart will understand by all means where the good comes to an end, giving way to the evil.”

“I took the first step. What next?”

“Move forward. The road will be mastered by ones going. Walk on the road of life joyfully and inspired – for each day gives you something new to master, if, certainly, you are internally ready to accept this gift. There is a life waiting for you – which may become full of wonders and beauty, if you allow them to enter the home of your heart, having decorated it with wisdom and kindness.”

“Tell me then, what do I live for here and what is my mission?”

“Oh, have you not figured that out already? Your life is one of the myriads in the Universe. You are potentially immortal and this life is one of many. You can discover the meaning of life in everything – in the cultivation of the soil or trade, in studying ancient wisdom or literary work, in a vast set of other activities. This work can be joyful and be loved by you, bringing good to you as well as the others. Learn to love work. No matter how insignificant and small your work may seem to you – it’s necessary before you will be ready to perform other, more responsible tasks. Learn to be kinder, more courageous, brave, surer, wisely. Help your neighbors by action, being asked for aid and learn to see when help is necessary.

A path from the animal through the human state up to a higher human – this is the way of people. The highest way of men, predefined for them. It’s your way as well. Whether you will choose it, whether you will learn your true endless possibilities, whether you will direct your feet to the common benefit? This choice is yours. What you chose and how you will live on – thus your life will become. Living all in one world – planet Earth – people live as if in different worlds. Some – in bright and pure ones, while others – in ones filled with mist or poisonous stinking fumes of selfishness and egoism. Worlds of ones are full of prosperity and wealth, worlds of others look like a desert, scorched by the sun, where it’s almost impossible to live. This is the result of their choices. What choice one makes, in which way he starts improving himself – that result he starts to feel in his own life.

Make choices and keep remembering of the infinity own possibilities that are still in the bud, yet entirely available with a selection of bright creativity and work for the common good.”

“Who are these people you are talking about? Ones living in pure and shining worlds without pain and hatred, who have devoted their lives to others?”

“Warriors of light. Men, who have chosen a path of self-improvement, feat and work as life’s meaning. People on the way to the new world in their hearts – pure and happy, great and magnificent, predicted for mankind. People, walking on a road, where revealing horizons are surprising, life is full of meaning, mysteries and new openings and people are generous and kind.”

“How do I improve myself?”

“Perfect your thought. Expel thoughts both small and weed, don’t allow them to grow and extend. Think on a substantial scale and widely, without prejudices. Aid others both with word and deed. Work over yourself every day. Trust yourself. Don’t despair, ever. Don’t stop walking the road of life. Learn not to be afraid of obstacles – for it’s a way to test yourself and trials temper your spirit. Learn to rejoice life. Turn your look on fine things – and then you will see much. Learn to forgive, to love, to remain a high and worthy spirit in readiness for self-sacrifice and feat.”

“How do I know whether you are speaking the truth, wise man?”

“Verify my words by life itself.”


Sounding words. His questions. Answers, given to him. He never learned, who was that man standing on a seashore with a smile playing on his lips and thoughtfully looking afar, on a dark blue smooth surface of a sea.

He checked his words. Verified them in life, without covering himself with prejudices. Now he clearly saw the sparkling of truth in his wise words. Has been living a different life since that – a renewed one, full of joy and happiness to live, to improve himself, bringing good wherever he was going. These words are echoing in his memory even now – sounding a melody of beauty, harmonious music of life.

A man, standing on a mountain height. Shining of the sun in the eyes. Sounds of waves. The whistle of the wind. Rustling rough sea. Sun, ascending in the east. The beginning of the new day for all living ones of this wonderful world…