Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

“Yes?” my snow-white Guardian Angel turned to me and smiled warmly. “Have you called for me?”

“I… hm… to tell the truth, I wasn’t totally confident that you were listening to me,” I mumbled.

“I always do listen to you and hear you,” the Angel said. “But you currently, unfortunately, not.”

“So… do you want to say that you have nothing like a lunch break or anything like that?” I was surprised.

“No,” replied the Angel. “I have a need for neither sleep nor rest. It’s you, people, who prefer to sleep with eyes open widely”.

“You mean that you are always at work?” I guessed.

“Well, yes,” my dear Angel replied indulgently. “I am in a service to the God.”

“And how do you fare there… well, in general?” I found nothing better than to ask that.

“Well and good,” the Angel answered. “Dry and warm. Even though there are no millions of options to choose from here. It’s you, mankind, who will soon have to choose at last.”

“To choose what, exactly?” I asked.

“Destiny. Life or death. God or Devil. Light or Darkness. Whatever you name it, the essence stays the same. Well…” and the Angel became silent for a second, “you, fortunately, understand that well.”

“I do,” I answered. “A pity, though, that I don’t always hear you.”

“It’s all in your powers and in desire,” and the Angel smiled again. “Such is my job, actually, to always hear you and help you to find the God.”

“And what prevents you from doing that right now?” I made my next question.

“Him, mostly,” and the Angel has shown his wing on the left. “Well, and sometimes you too, when start doing nonsense.”

“Who’s that, him?” I asked hastily, and only then have noticed the Imp, standing nearby, “that black one?”

“Well, it’s only now he looks like that,” replied my Angel. “But he’s able to pretend to look as oh-so-white in times, like a chameleon. See, how he stares at me right now?” and the Angel smiled warmly and pointed his wing to the left again.

“I take it that he’s angry?” I questioned my Angel.

“Yes, he’s like that, from time to time. He has his job too, after all. And he’s too will be judged, as well as all of us.”

“Judged in what sense?” I misunderstood.

“Oh, you don’t know yet, do you?” my Angel was surprised. “There will be a revision of the universe soon, and the Dread Judgment of the Lord, as you call it. I would, however, rather name it Just Judgment.”

“And what will be after the Judgment?” I asked.

“Life or death,” replied the Angel, “for you, for me, and for him” – and he pointed his wing on Imp once again.

“You mean, you can die too?” I was stunned, “Are Angels not immortal?”

“Not for the Judgment. If the Tempter of any man, guarded my ones, similar to me, prevails, the Tempter survives, and Angel and the man become history. If the Guardian Angel prevails – then he as well as his ward survive, and the Tempter becomes history instead. It’s that simple. Such is the Court.”

“And the people, who have turned to the path of evil, betray their Angels as well?” I was terrified.

“Alas, indeed. And try to feel now,” and my beautiful Angel stirringly looked into my eyes, “how it’s – to die for immortal one?”

“And… how many Angels are going to die like that?”

“Under preliminary forecasts – many,” and the Angel sighted sorrowfully. “But…” and he became inspired once again, “everything can still be changed.”

“If people will hear their Angels and step away from the dark path?” I questioned.

“Yes,” said the Angel, “if they would prevail over their nature. There is very little time left,” he added.

“Little time left?”

“When clock’s arrows will be on the top,” and Angel has become silent for a moment, “very interesting events will start to happen.”

“The world will be changing?”


“Can I help people realize what is awaiting them?” I asked hopefully.

“Certainly. It’s all in your forces and in the hands of God. And I, too, won’t abandon you, for certain.”

“How I do love you, my pure Angel!” I have exclaimed with tears in the eyes.

“I know,” he smiled mildly. “Come to me, allow me to embrace you in my wings.”

“Thank you, Angel, thank you so much for hearing me and caring of me! Let us never part from each other!”

“Yes, let it be so,” my Angel has tenderly answered, gently covering me with his white wings. “Let’s start to always hear each other in the long last…”