I feel

I feel

I feel I don't belong there, yet this is my world for now.

I feel like I am a sinner and a saint – all in one.

I feel I used to fall, only to rise higher after.

I feel I don't need to repeat the mistakes of the forgotten past again.

I feel I have recently passed through some trial… yet there are more awaiting me on the path.

I feel like I have already experienced all the common pleasures other ones dream of – and found them worthless.

I feel I have forgotten my true nature and lost my past in the labyrinths of lives.

I feel like I was able to fly somehow, though I can't recall the time.

I feel my road is of rare origin, yet it won't be easy.

I feel many diamonds of the future path are still undiscovered.

I feel my wish for transformation have triggered some fate threads, and I must prove my worth for the Universe.

I feel the Universe is a constantly evolving, living being and we are all bound by some unseen force in it.

I feel I must dive deeper inside me for the past to unfold.

I feel I'm many-faced… so many personalities swirling inside me, constantly fighting for my attention. I am all them – and yet someone different.

I feel I have awakened, yet partially. I won't exist as usual “me” when I will finally dare to open still closed eyes.

I feel I could never awaken even like this, had I to listen to other people's “common sense”.

I feel I know the major marks of my path, yet the details are still undetermined.

I feel my goals are right, yet only for me. My own ego must be destroyed in my wake for a new essence to be born.

I feel the happiness makes me lighter, yet still, I cannot soar.

I feel I can't call any country as motherland and even Earth is not home.

I feel I don't need to belong to any organized group folks, yet I could… just to have some fun examining them.

I feel I could speak more languages, yet now bound to the two, with one sounding so familiar… Did I relearn one of those?

I feel I could sometimes feel people's emotions flowing around me, unseen by others.

I feel humans do not yet know the inner power they hold, for this knowledge could be dangerous.

I feel the paths of all ones intertwine in a strange way and there are no random events.

I feel we all have the creativity of some origin, yet many ones buried it to look sane.

I feel some interesting events marking the future of this world are yet to come.

I feel we all have to be better if we are to survive.

I feel I will always be somewhat “out of touch” there, yet I can accept the laws most ones live with… just in case.

I feel somewhat like a child now, yet my mind is of elder.

I feel I will never stop seeking the wisdom, nor do I want to.

I feel I could walk the different direction, yet finally, my destination would be the same.

I feel I am still human on the surface – and that is for the better.

I feel my path does never truly end, yet I am glad.

I feel I am being guided, yet cannot see the guide.

I feel I am not the only one who feels like this, yet those ones are few.

I feel I could say more… yet this is sufficient.

I feel I must keep silence… for now.