Illusions of crowds

You like judging so greatly that it seems as if you know everything in the world around. You are so afraid of admitting own ignorance to anybody! Probably, you already possess answers to all questions of life or have you simply ceased searching for them. Oh, yes – someone else has answered for you! And thus you allowed them to decide your own destiny.

Certainly, you can console yourselves that you are neither the first nor the last ones, that there are many ones, similar to you in our distressful world. That all people at least once in a while deceive, dissemble, steal, talk scandal, envy, sneer… But if someone chooses to go and act together with the majority – whether he doesn’t become its integral part, sharing a common responsibility for the choice of crowds? But it’s so comfortable for many to feel themselves like a small screw, a pawn in a big crowd!

How many leaders of crowds has this world seen? All of them sank into oblivion. Yet the stream of new solvers-for-you, apparently, isn’t going to run low at all. It will never extinguish until you learn to decide for yourselves, listening to a low whisper of own souls. But are people even capable to listen? You followed your leaders, destroying everything in your wake and trying to build something new on newly created ruins. You were ready to crucify others for the illusion of belief. For the sake of the next new idea, seeming so attractive to you, you destroyed thousands and thousands of innocent lives of your neighbors. Was worthwhile in your own opinions? Was it required to express internal contents of souls to understand all absurd of attempts of changing of others without changing yourselves first and foremost?

You listen to each and everybody, yourself being excluded. And even when you listen to “yourselves” – you keep hearing only an echo of decisions, imposed to you by others, but these decisions seem to you as ones coming from your own clarity of spirit… If only it was that way! For this particular reason, you continue sleeping with your eyes open widely and behold dreams filled with a dope of your endless desires of this, that, and, most certainly, that-thing-as-well. After all, your life will become so defective without all these infinite things, seizing your consciousness! And that way you gain at least a new subject for yet another conversation with your colleagues by a dream.

Until we dive in ourselves so deeply as it’s even possible, having learned own spiritual nature, we won’t be able to truly wake up. We will instead continue to operate and move like dummies for puppet leaders. We will keep thinking like them as if by a template, believing only in what they trust, dreaming of what it’s allowed to dream. But where will such “dreams” once lead us?

You will never awaken until you are a part of a crowd. The crowd isn’t capable to realize own illusions. One can fly up over the crowd, but will never creep under its feet. It’s useless to ask crowds to behave reasonably. It’s impractical to count on collective conscious of crowds. Crowds dissipate naturally when each and every person in them gain his own identity. Crowds of unsleeping ones do not exist at all.

The task of own awakening lies on everyone. No one else is capable to pass your own path – for that reason, it cannot be passed while you are still a part of the crowd. And you better not postpone these tasks for later. There is much less time remaining, that many of you would prefer to think.