Long, infinitely long ago there were these wondrous events taking place, of which we would tell you further. Probably, no one from all living on this New Earth couldn't tell for sure how many grains of sand has passed through the Clocks of Eternity after the time of Exodus. Almost eight thousands of years have passed since that wondrous Odyssey took place, yet the ones living now ceased to remember of it. Sort of distorted myth and nonsense of human imaginations, which have found its service in idols, it has become. Yet nothing and never will erase memories of it from the Ether. And let it become the treasure of your history in the way that we have managed to write it down.

This was truly a remarkable Ship. Unsurpassed creation, which has become a home for a handful of survivors. Oh, how happy were they to escape the common fate of their once native worlds! They went to the Odyssey through boundless space after their native worlds ceased to exist on the invisible Chart of Universe. Too much evil was inflicted to the world by these three planets, too artful and cruel their inhabitants have become in their majority. And overflowed was then the Bowl of Patience, and crying and gnashing of teeth there was, yet unable were inhabitants of worlds aforementioned to change the consequences of what they have accomplished already.

The handful of chosen ones – several hundred from each world – were given a second chance. A chance to gain a new home, new soil under their feet, New Earth. Then, after their flight, they would call this world “The Earth”. New ground in windows, the source of salvation! And the Ship-Ark, which have delivered these immigrants to a new inhabitable world.

Oh, how ancient this planet was, how many troubles and disasters have it already seen before the time of Arrival, how many stories and destinies of it were stored in the memory of Ether! Not the first, by all means, not the first civilization on this planet’s surface new immigrants of Three Worlds have become, and, maybe, not the last one at all. Yet know nothing did they of the history of their new world, for hidden were all traces of it by the planet's seas, and mountains, and subsoil. And so greatly these traces were hidden so that until the time required not a single one of new mankind could learn it and uncover.

And descended the Ship on continent spacious, among mountain valleys, and blossoming gardens, and rivers widely flowing. And the one named as Adam – the captain of the Ship – together with his wife Eva went down to Earth, and rescued ones followed them. And ready they were to kiss the soil of this New Earth, and rejoiced indescribably, for personally saw they of what their former worlds were turning into with their own eyes, on their rescue Ship departing.

And settled they on the earth, and started living good-natured and joyfully, deeply in memory their spiritual these last moments having imprinted. And this date significant of the moment unusual as the time of the creation of world have entered their history soon enough, for a new wonderful world they have acquired in possession and care after the burdens of their past, and grateful immensely were they for it. And captain Adam as the first man on the Earth was named and entered their history that way. And so it was recorded since those times ancient.

And may fast bylina our goes, yet not for long their attitude so flows. Started they to change gradually, and the history of their past was distorted by all-new “wise man”. Started forgetting of the Exodus they, and as the tsars of nature imagined themselves, no less, as if it was not the nature of their former worlds which has destroyed their homes, obeying the Divine Law of justice. And thus broke up formerly uniform and united nation into groups and languages various, and started they dispersing through the world into all directions, in eternal searches of happiness, as if it could be found somewhere from the outside at all. And forgot they own relationships former, and the point of the Exodus did they forget as well, and pra-Earth, and Laws Divine. And more than once did tribes of the Divided since then went on war with one another for the lands once common and uniform. Yet we will not talk about that, for mournful is the history of centuries mentioned for us, story-tellers.

And the Great, Enlightened Ones from worlds Divine were descending to them, yet didn't wish to hear them Divided ones, and didn't cease to be at constant war with each other willingly. Altered foolish “wise men” words of the Great Ones, and placed them to serve their own ego, and the history of the Ark of Salvation turned into a myth in the eyes of humans, for which they are responsible. And much water has flowed under the bridges since then, and grains of sand passed through the Clocks, and centuries passed.

And developing were they their “science” and technics, so that in even more quantities and scales could they exterminate each other ruthlessly. And shredded they Earth on rags and pieces of states and territories, and lines virtual of borders painted on charts of theirs, even though there was no sign of lines mentioned on the Earth itself, and never will be. And wars they waged disastrous, and massacres performed bloody, and generously mother Earth have they been feeding with the blood of their own brothers for centuries. And justified their nasty things before others, but tried to hide it from the eyes of God, as if it was ever possible to hide even a single thought from His sight. And so greatly have they deteriorated, and so corrupted have they become, that already is being filled nowadays the Bowl of Patience, and elements planetary go wild to remind this mankind of the former fate of the former homes of theirs. Yet again, as always, like a random accident or coincidences do people consider these events and trust all sorts of false prophets and “wise man” they do, and listen to their hearts they do not. And promising they death to themselves more and more wildly and furiously with each day passing.

And rests the Ark in places unknown, waiting for a choice of humans, and destiny of the planet is being decided nowadays. And there will be no one, who either by his actions or his inaction wouldn't have impact invisible on the destiny mentioned, and will there be no one who will ever evade the responsibility for any of the outcomes possible for the Earth. For impossible it is to sit out and hide aside when a battle for the world is going furiously.

And with that, we do finish our short story unusual, which have been told to you for now. And whether the truth is that or the fiction – is not for us to decide for each one. But who will try to spend the time vague and inaction, or starts catching small fish in waters muddy, as if arranging a fiddle while Rome burns, – on his deed he will be inevitably judged.