Point of view

“Excuse me, sir, do I correctly understand your claim that we all live under some surprising influence of two opposite and totally alien to us metaphysical powers, who are capable to affect our states of mind, thoughts, health and who were actually known to mankind since ancient centuries, yet knowledge of them has been transformed into something like children's fairy tale and ridiculous myth? I wonder – whether all of this is rather a product of your sick imagination and abnormal fantasy than a real-life state of affairs? I, thanks to my scientific background, is being more inclined to the second option because I don't see even a single reason of why your so beloved Divine would manifest itself in our infinitely troublesome world.”

“The best way for demons to disappear from human sight is to convince them that demons never existed, right?”

“Would you please stop overstepping borders of what is normal and reasonable!”

“Earth mankind trespassed them a very long time ago. But this was one of the tactics of these forces of darkness – it's possible to convince people that they don't exist in one easy way: to create a certain social phenomenon, way of life or way of thinking, if you will, which would against own right take impudence to claim that it and only it has a monopoly for truth and is capable to lead masses of humans into general prosperity.”

“I believed that you were a totally non-religious individual.”

“And I am speaking about science now. We will address religion later on.”

“Is that so? And how did science displeased you? Only thanks to its efforts today we all have so much.”

“Nuclear and other weapons, nature which is ruined by wastes along with people dying of diseases in their reinforced concrete cages, right? So, they had to create such a social phenomenon, “new religion of mind”, if you will, together with its devoted “apostles” and send it by a path extremely rational, materialistically practical, torn off and isolated voluntarily from everything that is “superfluous” and spiritual – not such a bad practice, so that people, having once started praying to their newborn “god”,  haven't managed to get into inner sanctum – field of human spirit, monopoly for “saving” which so-called religions ones have already taken. Whether not, for this reason, official science has been trying to play dirty for many years – and tries to hide that simple and obvious for impartial observers fact that, having chosen false path earlier, nowadays it self-willingly came into an expected dead end and is standing behind a blank wall? And to keep claiming that it's just the end of all major discoveries and triumph of the human mind instead of a blank wall – is the wildest nonsense.”

“And what do you suggest for the scientific community to do?”

“You can try to make a break in this wall with your forehead. Will make a service for a greater science that way like so many have done before you, having voluntarily given their live bodies for scientific experiments or having given dead ones against their will for the same purpose.”

“Still desire to throw jokes at me, sir? Science, as we all know, requires victims.”

“Beauty, as we all know, needs them too. The consequence of which is utter ugliness.”

“Do you believe religion is much more attractive than science?”

“What became of modern religion – by no means. Parasitizing on aspirations of the human spirit to the Divine and primitivization of belief, mostly. Yet everyone walks where he prefers.”

“Even if we assume that modern science is being unable to discover something invisible and inaccessible to it, including to prove the very existence of mentioned metaphysical powers from a scientific point of view…”

“’From a scientific point of view sounds quite reasonably’. For it's still only a small point which should make a long journey to become a line…”

“…Whether modern religion can brag of this knowledge at least?”

“Modern religion turned them into something like a myth, and idolaters often don't have the slightest idea of what important things are mentioned in still undistorted by them texts. Look, for example, on some of the icons painting Christ – and you shall see white wings behind his back. He is painted as the Angel who is leading armies of others, and for a due reason. As well as not accidental still remained prayers to Guardian Angels, as well as names of Archangels and some other important things. Those people who are filled with the poison of materialistic science aren't usually capable to understand that these facts reflect real-life reality more than a thousand and one theory, recognized in the scientific world as no less than “laws” of nature. And if you dare to tell modern religious followers about live Angels – many of them will consider you as mentally unstable.”

“I have never seen any mentioned Angels in my entire life!”

 “…But that's a question of the point which you choose to view it, right?”

“All of this is yet another religious myth!”

“As well as your own thoughts. Forgive me, I wanted to say – their thoughts. They are not yours, right?”

“What do you mean by “not mine”? I keep thinking and, therefore, existing.”

“This statement doesn't fully reflect objective reality, though not in that case. Take a look at your chaotically thinking mind – are you totally sure that it's you who is controlling it? You can't even make it go silent! Waves of incoming thoughts are jumping as if some stranger is pushing a handle of “thoughts radio” from one angle to another.”

“Would you like to tell me that thoughts can be indoctrinated?”

“Well, now finally you seem to start comprehending of what powers sent “ingenious” scientific ideas for the invention of, say, different types of weapons. As well as, say, pharmaceutical drugs. As well as many of so-called “memes”, starting from “live once, care not” and ending with “money doesn't smell”. However, you can probably understand now what powers spoke through prophets, for instance. But whom people were listening to? The systematic extermination of mankind is being made with its own hands.”

“Well, the reduction of the planet's population only promotes more rational distribution of natural resources among survived.”

“Hoping to be among them? I am afraid that the preservation of your particular life is not in the list of priority tasks for dark powers. As well as the preservation of entire earth mankind.”

“Hell with you, stop feeding fairy tales!”

“You just look around. It that a Paradise in your opinion?”

“But not a Hell at all, that's for certain! Progress is progressing, so to speak. Or do you fondly suggest me to believe that everything you have just told me is pure truth?”

“And this, my dear friend, entirely depends upon the correctness of your point of view…”