Unofficial appeal to the false saviors

You address I today, pseudo-saviors. You address I now, false-rescuers. Word of mine is for you, lying prophets. My word is for you, into temptation of external salvation calling. My appeal is for you, of the times of incredible changes who know nothing. You I am addressing now, ones multiplying in quantity immeasurably, as it has been foreseen by the Son of the Son of Men earlier. My texts are for you, into false rescue inviting and into the abyss souls of humans throwing for the darkness to feast on them. My current word is for you, oh demagogues of spirit and terms. It’s for you, pseudo-saviors.

Confess honestly that nothing you do know of the terms and times and that ignorance of yours to make look like a knowledge you try, by temptations of own ego being forced to do so. Whether it’s for you to know, at the Door never knocking, in own egoism and willfulness staying for centuries, I wonder? Whether it’s for you to know of the signs of events named, when each and every text of just prophets you try to deform and muddle to please that willfulness of yours? What can you know of the inspiration prophetical if Soul of yours has ceased to feel the divinity long ago already? What are you capable to know of the transformation spiritual, ones who others trying to seduce and into sheep transforming with that speeches of yours, in the lie swimming? Whom are you aspiring to turn to the Light, in darkness for long time floundering with that Soul of yours? And whether your followers will look similar, with rage and contempt to people filled up to the top of their souls, I wonder? Of the inner nature of your way you know, truly, and the final point of destination you feel, really - yet don’t turn off from a path mentioned, by inertia keep moving still! And where will the blind one lead the blind ones if not into holes and pits only, dug by enemies of human race with your hands thoroughly? 

Why did you and those similar start stating that for those on streets of cities stepped from their homes on a day predefined a salvation of their Souls will be granted automatically unfairly? Or do they need to start stupidly “believing” in you and you only for their expectations egoistical of own salvation to be fulfilled? The place in the Kingdom of God is earned by the force of aspiration of own purification only, or have you ceased to remember that? And what is the expression of aspiration mentioned if not in your affairs in this world, how do judge? For based on human affairs on the Court they’ll be recognized! Or have you decided, perchance, that your “belief” is the only thing ever necessary? But dead is the belief with no action, and incapable to live without a trust to life and ways of the Maker wise. Each one is capable to pass a trial, given to him in this life, but you have no desire to pass own way to joy and triumph spiritual leading! Creep like zombies you do, forcing others to do the same!

Of the tasks, by Christ performed, whether you know? Of the goals, on the Heavens planned, whether you have any understanding? Or do you consider, perhaps, that by His feat performed He, the greatest, did relieve you from the necessity of own awakening? The road did He show you to own salvation through the Truth, spoken by Him and His apostles! But deformed you those words millennia ago and straight into the darkness of false salvation have you been leading Souls of men since that time. Terrible your fate on the Court Divine may become for lasciviousness similar soon enough! No one is ever relieved of the task of own redemption and awakening, through thoughts and acts achieved, or are you unable to comprehend this simple truth currently? And whether herds, led by you, have done much in this life, frenziedly in ecstasy fanatical each other hitting and with blood of others earth aspiring to fertilize for that belief of theirs? Or is salvation of the Soul of man in such actions consists, I wonder? Like crusaders from fanaticism religious to exterminate and humiliate others you desire, as lowest ones compared to yourselves considering them untimely, but how heavy is the cross of such a way, whether you truly feel?

Of the hordes of yours, earth flooding, has been told for a long time already, pseudo-prophesying. Because of ones like you people have started to consider events upcoming a fairytale and of the next date, “discovered” by you, mock and laugh only. But rises the nature already against the rage of human and excesses bloody more actively, and catastrophes men start building themselves. Evil of man on a bowl of scales of justice invisible is almost pouring out from edges, and who and what will put on a bowl of goodness and salvation of this world for now, if thanks to you he has believed that unnecessary this deed is for his own salvation? Oh, how crafty calls of yours and false are hopes, given to the living ones of this world, pseudo-saviors! Or have you truly concluded that with no love and kindness of heart men can save this world and themselves at once, in lies of yours having believed? How artful such slyness, oh deceiving ones desiring to be deceived! How strong is arrogance and contempt of yours to those led by you on a dark road from love and joy of life directly to the clutches of fanaticism and frenzy! Never does a road selected by you lead into redemption, and that you know perfectly.

Like churchmen of official religions do you deform texts for the sake of your own gold-lovability. A fanatical armies of zombies you do craft. All have you muddled already, and claw and bite each other soon you will start. Easy ways you constantly seek, leading people by them into nothingness. Stop your madness and let people feel and decide for themselves of where they are going - into the heavens of salvation or the destruction of their home world! A right was granted for them to choose their way. And whether anyone did grant you the right to choose for them, I wonder? And will I see the end of the madness of your crowds, I wonder?

So behold your lies and a chasm, spreading before your feet. And whether the one, leading others into a chasm will not fall in it in the first place, I wonder?