An unofficial appeal to the fellow americans

The time I write you now is the time of Change. Your uncompleted world domination is coming to an end.

I call you "fellow" because I too am a human.

I call you "sleeping" because you are living in a total Hollywood now. Nothing is real.

It all started in 1776 when 13 Britain colonies declared them "independent" and since that day you were an extension of the imperialistic will of your former ancestors, continuing what they couldn't do.

You were only a new body for the demon. But that body is dying now.

You have spread your green dollar poison over the world, economically bounding countries of "third world" to do your bidding. Yet the world starts to reject it now. You have lend "security" help over your weaker neighbors, yet the world starts to question its motives. And in cases where your bully democracy didn't help you had no hesitation to go to war.

It all started with the butchering of native people of the continent, and this idiom has long since then been your way.

You are the last remaining empire that dreams of world domination, both moral and military, with military force as a constant supporter for moral "superiority".

You may believe that marines help you spread democracy and stability over the so-unsafe world outside, but these words have only become a perfect cover for your true goals. Russia, China and soon Iran are the only real threat that stand in your way in this great Chess Game.

But that game is nearly over.

And what are the costs ...

You constantly search for terrorists outside, yet your are the world terrorist number one. Perfect bastards.

You perform military interventions under false pretenses, you overthrow governments that are not totally loyal to you. And in cases where that cannot be done openly you sponsor those "democratic" forces inside it, causing the havoc of "revolutions", whether it is "orange", "roses" or any other one.

That done, you shout for all to hear about yet another victory of democratic powers that will lead the country to prosperity and make world safer. Yet as with any outside government, your puppets always lead those countries to downfall - a necessary victim for a greater cause. But what can you do for those strong enough not to depend on you ? You can only bark and try to mislead them.

But as the world is awakening itself, it is coming to see your true nature now, slowly but steadily.

Is it not terrorism to destroy millions of innocent lives in the struggle for natural resources flow control? People of Latin America and Middle East will tell you that.

Don't worry about Osama bin Laden and the like - you will never kill him.

Like an undying V. Lenin he will live on and on, never totally caught, always somewhere - somewhere your bombers should come to for the sake of security. Like a Gin from the bottle from time to time he will popup on your TV screens, always telling about your inevitable destruction, as if you are not doing enough damage to yourself already.

Such a brand. No CIA can easily part away with it.

You compare yourselves to Rome, forgetting about the fate of all the empires. The Rome has fallen. You can do no other.

No president, either black or white can stop the train you are now travelling in. And you are travelling at such a speed that you do not even have vision of where you are going.

You were too strong to be fought with militarily. But as with all major empires, the ruin came from the inside.

Such is the way of Pride. Such is the way of Greed. Such is the way of Hate. Such is the way of all self-chosen.

Justice has such strange ways which cannot be foretold beforehand. Yet it exists.

From time to time you ask yourself "Why do they hate us so ?", yet you have difficulties finding the answer.

"Because they can do no other" you are told. Yet you do feel that answer lies elsewhere.

But you have no willpower to stop this madness race.

Decades of brainwashing will not give birth to a spark of mind. And it is so easy to extinguish that fire while it is weak ...

Remember : nothing is real for a sleeping one.

Poor sleepers who have declared themselves as chosen ... there are no such ones. No one is.

And those who persist in being them will one day be no more.

Will you force the driver to stop the train ? Will you jump from it on the full speed ?

I have my doubts. Yet there is hope.

Until then, sleep. Let the calm dream of power cover your minds. Rest.

Rest in peace.

Justice shall be served one way or another.

The Evolution demands.