8 марта

Дорогие наши дамы –
Жены, дочки, тещи, мамы!
Мы в весенний праздник этот
Преподносим вам куплетов.

Another One

So you were born, a helpless man,
Who would be strange for now and then
And who would not be understood
By parents in his childhood,


The Earth is cradle for the men,
But that is just a part of plan,
For it has yet another side -
The Earth is sleeping deep inside.

Break free

Can you hear my voice? I shall speak of your choice,
Of the bonds you've been given, of unreachable heaven,
Of the freedom you've lost to become nameless ghost,

Choice of many sorts

Our age is just so short...
Did you ever have that thought?
Did you ever think of life -
And the death in which you'll dive?
We may tell you of your choice -

Dead knights

I know, I know - that epoch's wrong,
No more bard will sing a song,
No more knight will roam the lands...
Theirs weapons fill museum stands.


I see myself between the two,
But one is false - and one is true,
For one is night - and one is day
No matter what all others say.


We all are given rare gift...
The time will pass, the planes will shift,
But for as long as we have dreams -
To live through time we have all means.


I am a man of sorts, you know,
And I can feel yours feelings flow,
And haven't mastered mine for now...
My love to you I did bestow.

Flaming blade

I have been given flaming blade
To pierce night and fight with shade,
And it is glowing with that fire
The source of which is my desire.