The Earth is cradle for the men,
But that is just a part of plan,
For it has yet another side -
The Earth is sleeping deep inside.

And with the Earth sleeps humankind...
There is potential for mind,
That was forsaken long ago -
The man preferred to lay it low.

That man preferred to fall asleep...
It now, like newborn, breathes deep,
Yet knowing nothing of his kind,
There is little use for sleeping mind.

He has forgotten whom he was
And he has still so many foes,
Who hunt for him in own dreams...
He's always victim - so it seems.

He may believe in thousand things,
To these beliefs he always clings,
But there is yet another side -
He's sleeping deep, so deep inside.

There are so many forms of sleep...
You'll have to make a quantum leap
To free yourself of dream's clutch,
For what’s at stake - it's just too much.

There are more than one way
To end the night, to bring the day,
To step past shade, becoming solar,
To soar high, to fly as stroller.

If you are victim - you shall suffer,
Your tortures will become all tougher,
And day will come, your faith is shaken -
And from that pain you'll awaken.

If you are stronger than the rest,
If heart still beats in own chest,
If heart is always full of fire -
Than your solution is desire.

Destroy your cage in own wake
And grow inside you what it take
To shape your heart and mind in one,
To dive in self, find inner sun.

Awaken now, awaken, sleeper !
There is still time before your reaper
Will take you out of this life...
Just throw away your fears, dive !