Dead knights

I know, I know - that epoch's wrong,
No more bard will sing a song,
No more knight will roam the lands...
Theirs weapons fill museum stands.

I know, I know - they are now past,
Theirs bodies nothing but a dust,
But their spirits still alive -
And for the justice they still strife.

The word and blade ... the word is blade -
And it will make its holy raid,
All sleeping knights it will awake
For good of all ... for their sake.

The knight is sworn to uphold good,
Be always vigil, fast on foot,
All knights are born to fight with evil
In their hearts as with a devil.

The knight is sworn to protect weak
And justice he shall always seek,
Those knights are always born anew -
But their numbers are so few.

Is there is one to answer call?
The question made, then silence fall...
They have embraced their dreams -
To make them fight there are no means.

I know, I know - they are long gone,
When they are killed - the world shall moan,
When they are dead - the world will cry...
Come forth, assassins, make your try!

For I do know - the time is right
For one ferocious, final fight...
The knights are born to no avail,
And thus villains now prevail.

The time will pass, the world will shift,
And virtue will once show a rift,
For there is thing that's truly sad:
There are no knights - they all are dead.