Flaming blade

I have been given flaming blade
To pierce night and fight with shade,
And it is glowing with that fire
The source of which is my desire.

It has seen war, it knows of peace,
It chopped heads, it burned grease,
And it executed swift death...
For some it's curse, for others - bless.

It has severed diseased limbs,
It has exposed others’ sins,
It was a torch for ones in dark,
Cut out exit to those stuck.

It settled disputes in the world,
It used to touch the right heart's chord,
Its clang alone can make heart brave,
And it is lost for those who rave.

Yes, I can feel its heat in hands...
This blade has traveled many lands
And many battles it has seen,
Those armed with it destined to win.

It's a reflection of a Word,
Which always touches inner chord
And purifies its victim's heart...
Eternal justice, friend and guard.