Prose: Called


And so you are reading these lines… an accident? And how many there were at all in your life?

America speaks

“Hello, hullo, ladies and gentlemen, misters and sisters! We are glad to… Heck, I’m going to think and speak like I am a foreigner with such a speed!


He triumphed. He was in seventh heaven. She loves him! Loves!

Born for life

“Mummy, mummy, look, it’s the shop I have told you about! Let’s go there and you buy me that big transformer that I have asked, ok?”


Once upon a time, the Fool was traveling by a long journey of life, carrying on his hunched back a backpack which was filled with Nonsense.


Charity… what a tempting word! Creation of good deeds in the name of the neighbor and the distant one in favor of him.

Copyright marasmus

“Hello, hello, oh respected TV-watchers and bear-den-dwellers, copyright-ers and copyleft-ers, letters-knowers and simple pedants!


“…And there they meet with happiness at last…” the Story-Teller has finished the narration, closing the book and beholding faces of listeners in the light of evening st

Crime and punishment

I will return to you again, and it shall be very soon. Much sooner than many would like it to happen.


In one of the cities there lived the Critic, who has been blaming everything he meets.