When one is set in own path -
He will escape all crowd's mass
And will be ready for the fight
With own demons of the night.

I am not one to follow

I am not one to follow,
I am not one to blame,
And my pass won't be sorrowed -
Thus I don't feel ashamed.

I am walking through the rain

I am walking through the rain
And my soul groans with pain,
Cursed be the love like blain -
It’s the soul’s bloody stain!

Last question

When time will come for you to die -
Will you behave like shocked guy,
Or will prefer to keep your silence,
Or rush and cry with hate and violence?

Man of Many Names

I don't know why I feel I am
Once lived through all of this -
And then I have forgotten whom I was,
Who were my friends, who were my foes,

Modern One

The Modern One, I was a fool,
The Heartless One, I was your tool,
The Sunless One, I could be light...
I am yet again alone in night.

No one care

Stop crying now, there is no one
To help you, man, - they all but gone,
They disappeared with the wind,
Theirs empathy you shall not find.


I was dreaming for this night,
I was walking in the light,
I was healed in my hope,
Given strength to fight and cope.
I was told then of my way -

One of many

I am a voice of evolution,
I am a bringer of confusion,
I am a whisper in the noise,
I am a teller of the choice.


All I feel now is the pain,
All my hopes were but in vain,
And there is no one to blame...
Damn it, have I gone insane?!